Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mumbai meri Jaan....

I will not say any hallo or bye in this blog as we have been attacked by the terrorists. Humans have evolved from days of barbaric activities but even god will be ashamed of his/her creation ( if there is any god !! ) after watching what his/her so called " most intelligent " creation has done . yes , i am talking about the recent terrorist attack in mumbai , info about ( rather "expert" info about same, readers can get from anywhere ) , ranging from 24/7 news channels ( i wish they should not have news to broadcast 24/7 ) , internet , newspaper , your human network.

So, we had exam on 27th of november , to be precise wireless communication and networks paper . Also BCCI team ( i don't call them team india anymore ) , was playing with english players game of cricket (ODI)on 26th night in cuttack . I followed the game mostly on cricinfo unaware of what is happening in Mumbai . I slept at 2:30 am that day , most of the time i was mugging up some equations , block diagrams etc . Around 12:45 Pm next day vivek broke the news about the attack , i felt sad about the same . I went for the exam with sad mind , it was difficult to concentrate during the exam , but paper was as usual , may be 5% better i might had given . I returned and went straight to my computer to access net , where crime against humanity information was present everywere. I went through NDTV , AAJ TAK , bbc , reuters , cnn , DDNEWS websites . Likes of twitter and flikr ( saw power of both ) . Human journalism was at best at twitter , people from all over world giving and taking information while HELL was active there at Trident and Taj hotels ( not to forget nariman point ) . I saw many helpline blogs and it was good to know majority of humans are still united ( though i saw a few hatred spreading websites also ).

While i am writing this ( i was unable to gather courage to write about the the attack while it was still on ) , the attack is over ( at least officially!!) . Who knows where wicked minded people are planning for next one . But the message is clear , in spite of many attacks we are still ignorant how to handle this . Who can justify those policemen carrying trivial pistols to fight AK series guns .Government officials please upgrade the ammunitions of our securitymen . How can a person who is unsafe can guard others . Individuals heroics can not lead us too far ( well said by Shobha dey ) , we have to act as well managed system to foil any further attack on us .Poiliticians made the situation worst by going for mud slinging in public over each other .

I would like to salute sons of soil who laid their lives for the country .Because of them only many lives were saved and a message went to terrororists that we can fight them . In one of the blogs i was going through , one person asked what a common person should do in these circumstances ? My answer is , do not do what was the motive of terrorists was . We should not be scared ( though difficult to do ) , we should not hate persons only because their religion is same as that of the terrorists . Let's spread spread love in society .

Finally i would like to mention some some statements that i found in last few days which say something about what the situation was and leave they leave some important meaasge .
1: "I have watched a city of a million dreams held hostage by 20 or so men who have purged from their souls every trace of humanity - let’s not confer on them the dignity of a religion - and I have felt the blood drain out of me. "

2: I have felt a sense of paralysis and rage. My family and I are safe at home, none of my friends were in the hotels or at the other attack sites; but I am numb, not with fear or personal loss, but something far deeper: a sense of overpowering bleakness . ( sambit bal )

3: Mumbai, please stop getting on with life. Cry! Become angry! Riot! Do something to let those in power know that they can’t go off to sleep and let another terrorist attack happen, knowing well that the Mumbaikar’s resilience and spirit will ensure that they don’t get blamed in the end . ( shobha de )

4: The one who does wrong is a sinner.... but the one who puts up with the wrong is an even bigger sinner..... ( : Bhagwad Gita )

Before closing , great persons are those who accept imperfect persons and their weaknesses as a part of their society.Our responsibilty is to bring misguided one's back to main stream . Then only god ( if there is one ) will be proud of his/her creation .

Friday, November 21, 2008

Of Course I love You.......

Hello friends , Yesterday i read this novel ( "Of course I love you...Till i find someone better ") by Durjoy Dutta and Manvi Ahuja .Prep leave started yesterday i felt void ( what should i do to before going for end semester preparation .) I found the book in Satyanarayan's room around 7pm on 19th nov . Ok , a date with the book was fixed . So, i started around 00.45 am 20th november , and i was able to finish the book by 23.30 pm same day .

It was refreashing novel , with some chetan bhagat flavour . Last 100 pages were good and i did appreciate the storyline the writer had to say . Many things from college days were there ( writer is DCEite , 2008 passout ) so it was fun going through the pages that talked about p*rn , movies , s*x , alcohol , and girlfriends ( around these things , days of a normal engineering student revolves ) .No points for guessing only a few are able to get girlfriend .

Some practical points came ....for example
" I was tired of heart wrenching stories of success around me ." This told about peer pressure one has to go through . One has to work to remain at par with one's friends . One more line was also regarding this . " I prayed for her to do well . I knew she would get it and felt little sad about it ." Yes , in real life also we pray for our friends success and knowing that if they succeed they will not be in same league as us , we become sad and sometimes envious ( "I hate to be envious" ..but ...).
Two-three points i would like to talk about before closing ( that i did like )
1: Subjects fail to make their presence felt even during examination ( during last semester of engineering ) and one spends time thinking about what to do in next few months ( best days of life ) .

2: Plastic surgeons still can't rival god ( nature can be better word , as i am non-believer ) ( yes !!! sometimes we come across some faces which justify this statement ).

3: richer the girls get sexier they are . ( a debatable topic .....can be topic of our group discussion )

However , everything is not good about the book .I don't think use of so much of dirty words ( i don't call them dirty anymore ) ( f**k , D**k etc ..) was required to make the novel look youthful . A better editing is required , some pages are really unnecessary . May be those pages can be removed . Still , best complements to young writers ( Durjoy and Manvi ) . I would like to thank Chetan bhagat , who has inspired so many to write and so many to read as well ( i am one of them ).
My next blog entry will be GONE WITH THE WIND!!!
BY folks

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lab performance...

hi folks ,
So again end semester examination is here ( 2nd last in my engineering career ) .
But alas! one has to face lab performances , viva , quiz ( mental torture and wastage of time in simple sense ).This process as they say , is for evaluating one's performance throughout the semester in particular lab. class . While the idea seems good but in BIT , this thing is far from good experience . specially in our department this will remain a mystery ( for ever )how they evaluate a student . But i would like to complement the teachers for asking good ( unknown ) questions during viva . A teacher with no / partial knowledge makes mockery of students ability ( i think most of them are better then the teachers ) . They try to look for question that a student can not answer . The world has really changed ( "guru- shisya " relationship has become bad ) . If you know the answer then they don't have time in this world to listen , if you don't know the answer , aha! it's time to face ugly face of the person in front of you ( teacher !! i disagree ) .

However everything is not bad about sessional papers ( as these lab classes are called ) . These lab. classes and exam related with same, brings social person out of you . You have to rely on others to write lab. file . And to get the program executed during the performance test one has to depend on others ( i relied heavily this time ). Tomorrow there is last lab performance ( wireless communication lab . ) ,another chapter will be closed and end sem exam perparation period is officially open ( i hope i start perparing from same day ).
More things will be added in this blog in next few days as some demanding times are ahead.
bye folks,

Friday, November 14, 2008

Neha agrawal ( olympian ) in BIT

Hey i have something to add to my blog . Neha agrawal was in BIT MESRA for inter university level TT ( All india ) competition . For the readers who are still confused , neha agrawal is TT player and represented INDIA at Beijing olympics . So it was good opportunity to watch some good table tennis . I cashed on this opportunity by getting neha's autograph ( this was first time i took someone's autograph ). I had seen only on TV people giving and taking autographs . Obviously i was nervous before asking for the autograph ( will she or won't she? ) . Getting courage to walk up to a national level player and asking for autograph will be one of the sweetest memories from my stay at BIT mesra .

So,i invested sometime watching the tournament . Thanks to BIT's no information system i had no information that this tournament is being organised in our college and neha agrawal ( big player at this level ) will be here . I would like to thank Rajeev(u'll never know about him) for giving information about this ( he did give info about neha as well and we all knew how gorgeous she is by watching olympics and youth commonwealth games ) .
So a small project ( watching neha play and getting 'the' autograph ) was open .
On 11th Nov. i , ankur , and debjit went on our mission .NO ! no neha agrawal there . we stayed there watching some matches for about 1 hour . Project remained incomplete . Next day evening !!! there was graphics viva . i retuned around 5:30 pm from institute .after having snacks in mess i went to watch the tournament . Project day 2 , yes!! neha was there and playing her match . Some tamilnadu girl was giving her good fight . No big deal however , she was able to defeat her . After the match she was relaxing in corner seat. Good time to get autograph ( i have seen this in many tennis matches ) . i moved on and asked her for the same .mission complete !! autograph was taken on "the times of india" page containing neha agrawals photo . many girls ( they were participants ) asked for the newspaper (cutting)( now with the autograph ) to read what is written about neha ( it was an article published in Times on 8th Nov. ) . Finally , neha had to play her next match . She lost !!! but not before showing so much frustration during the match . Still this will remain one of the memories to remember in my life . I know i shall be taking a lot of autographs in my life , and this will be first chapter in that story .

Some good things about neha agrawal , she was extremely polite while giving the autograph , she was so supportive towards her teammates , she has sweet voice as well and she is beautiful(and pretty and fair and gorgeous)(i can go on forever) . What more , i think she has a bright future if she can control her emotions during match , this was the reason which led to her loss here (i think so ) .

i would like to add something , me taking autograph became a news in 2k5 batch . everyone is asking about this ( actually everyone got floored by neha's beauty , she is more beautiful then required , she can be brand ambassador of any company like sania mirza if she is able to continue her good hard work , i wish her success ) .
. I think big player tag was playing in her mind as she tried to dominate and in the process made ample number of unforced errors to lose the match . While returning i had good feeling as well as sad feelings ( i got autograph , but she lost the match after giving the autograph ) .

Before saying bye , final words . Bengal won among boys and tamilnadu won in girls section of the tournament . Today the tournament has ended ( 13th nov) .

bye folks ,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Microsoft Written test ...

Today microsoft have arrived in our college for placements . While i m writing this blog entry , results of written test are awaited . written test timing was 75 min . 4 questions each of 10 marks . Two questions are worth mention , such questions were missing till now in the placement process ( in the mean time i knew how stupid the placement procedure of almost all the companies ) .
First one :
It was about password management system (PMS) . 3 function prototype namely create password , changepassword , varify password . the question asked to generate different test cases scenario for the PMS .
It was really altogether different experiance writing the answer of this question . After long time i knew i was thinking ( otherwise most of the time i recalled things ) .
Second one :
aha !! security system of the home . one had to mention the various components which can be there in the system , and explain usability of the same . while answering the question i had " prison break " in mind .
Another refreshing experiance with another different sort of question . Yes ! microsoft placement is different from others ( no doubt better ) .
Other two questions were trivial : one on hashing ( i messed up this completely )
other on linked list ( not so tough , had recursion ) .

Even if i am unable to get to next stage , this written test will be one of the sweet memories in the placement procedure i went through here in BIT mesra.

till next blog entry
bye friends.

Fashion ka Jalwa

Recently ( 1st nov. )i watched this movie "fashion ", obviously on my comp . I don't get motivation to go to movie hall to watch movie , this has been the case for quite sometime now . I was exhausted after returning from home after diwali vacation , so it was a good time paas watching fashion . The preview of the movie itself had told many things , they had showed priyanka chopra weeping ( not a good scene obviously !!) , why should a beauty like her weep in this world . watching the movie was investment of almost 3 hours ( 11pm-2am slot ) . All in all the movie was good one like all madhur bhandarkar movies . Most of the movie was inspired from incidents happening in fashion world . "gay" characters were in abundance , i just wonder is this also the truth about fashion world . All the characters did justice to their role , " with alot of smoking and drinking " . kangana in real life looks like the the role she was playing , " a drug addict " . Other things , so mush of fashion parade , at times , it was boring watching models dressed in stupid dresses walking the ramp , here fashion tv is better choice if one has to watch fashion parade . Finally i would like to complaement priyanka for her best acting till now ( i think so ) . Other movies are also in line to be viewed . I was unable to complete golmaal returns , i could handle this for only 30mins .

bye friends till next blog entry.