Thursday, November 25, 2010

searching the unknown

Multitasking has its way
Sometimes it works, many times it doesn't
When so many things go in mind in coherence
finding correct path for one is penance

Irony is even is such chaos
we get bored and subdued
When its difficult to cope up alone
I search for someone special in darkness

Searching when result is known before
helplessness it can be called
Things can be ignored at times
But,quest continues to find the support

Falling and standing time and again
Every-time i say, " i have decided this "
Somethings can't be undone ,
Some parts can't be re-written

Hope keeps us going
Priority keeps changing
But when i fall where i know i'll
I search for my miss special

Unknown path seems unending...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Point of discussion

With pen in hand
mind speaking blank
Confusion in heart
obstruction galore
Fight is going on , as always , within...

Sometimes settled things may not be right
undercurrent keeping things unstable
thoughts make me fly at times
These thoughts take me to THE times

When someone had to take some time
Other had to make some point
Some were pointed out
A few were "elbowed" out

When everyone agreed upon punctuality
Getting late was taken seriously
When something started with mindless talk
Everyone enjoyed being in particular lot

Selection of topic was always a dilemma
When all looked up to me time and again
But i never complained
After all this was nice burden

When pointing wrong was not an offence
Learning from better one's was the rule
Leaving bad habit was the tool
Every-time things did conclude happily

Some memories are always sweet
As i write this blank mind is no longer blank
Thoughts are flowing
Thoughts which make me smile

Now i can see compassion many times around me
what i miss is people whom i could say anything
what i miss is innocence attached with the smile
May be equally nice moments are there to be added
But for now i am listening sounds from memory lanes

p.s : This blog entry is dedicated to all college friends who participated to make our weekly group discussion we fondly called c_tec discussion memorable for me ( a story in itself ). So many sweet memories attached with the same. Elbowed out saga is the icing on the cake from c_tec discussion . I would make actors of this "saga" read this blog entry.