Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Sunday Afternoon : Tata Crucible Delhi Edition

It happens only a few times when you get chance to do what you love.  Life does take many twists and turns , in a way one had never thought when one was a kid . Its not so difficult to see there are so many intelligent brains moving around. Time and again one does experience the fact , " Its not impossible man!". One gets chance to admire the confidence , tenacity , almost mountain like energy ; Its difficult to not get motivated. From school quizzes in obscure town to getting chance to see the National level competition , things can become really happening . Finally , I got chance to be part of Tata Crucible Delhi Edition-2012 ( A business quiz ). Looking back , i knew there was something called Bournvita quiz on TV but never got chance to see that as we had only Doordarshan at our home. Scanning through 'wisdom', 'Gk today' and news papers became regular in coming years. With Priorities changing , did drift away from the quizzing world and got immersed in calculus-coordinate-Organic-Algebra-optics etc. Some interests remain attached to you forever...

With location of the quiz at Hotal Taj palace i did get chance to enjoy hospitality that Taj offers. Truly admirable i must say , without much effort one feels very special and can't help but appreciate the elegance of the place. More than 100 teams did turn up for the event with fair presence of fairer sex. To believe that business quiz can generate interest among girls is slightly difficult. Anyways girls have clearly made huge mark as cricket fans , so they can surely enter other male dominated areas, certianly welcome signs. Girls made their presence felt with their witty answers to questions passed to audience. Age band of participants was not less admirable , from guys fresh out of college to uncles reaching their retiring ages. Highly distinctive participation for sure.

G Gubramaniam aka 'Pickbrain'' , the quizmaster , was at his usual best as i had heard/read.His humor quotient was sufficient to entertain the packed crowd. Prelims had 25 questions , something for everyone to take interest.Level of competition was quite tough as it is supposed to be at place like Delhi. NTPC ran away with Non-TATA track finals with their almost invincible show of quizzing. TCS took the TATA track after overcoming stiff resistance from other teams in finals.

After long time i got chance to see such energetic crowd with thirst for knowledge. Palpable excitement filled the hall throughout the Sunday afternoon.It felt like going to a temple when one has full faith in existence of absolute power. When i came out the motivation leval had improved , some negative energy gave way for hope and determination to make the future count.

Hilarious moment of the day : Picture of Maria Sharapova was shown as one question i.e guess the brand she was endorsing . Someone tried with wild guess i.e Huggies . " Pickbrain" remarked , " sharapova and Huggies!!!!???? "In the mean time one gentleman interjected with information that recently sharapova had pregnancy scare and that's why she didn't participate in cincinnati open. "pickbrain" quipped back , " hhhowwww do you khow this?" . Evryone fell into long laughter!!. Truely hilarious moment for the day.

Prelims questions :

1: Which company in hospitality industry has taken initiative Planet21

Ans : Accor

2: Innerwear from jagannath textiles , comes in three parts Basic , next , extreme.

Ans : Crusoe innerwear

3: CSI in hospitality industry  , something which we eat.

Ans : club sandwich Index

4: Clearvue range glass , R&D in India for india .

Ans:  Philips

5: Ad campaign photograph.

Ans: United colors of benetton ( UCB )

6: Danish Shipping Magnet , died on Apr 16 2012 . Name of the company

Ans: maersk

7: Bank in Italy , started in 1397 , What was name of the family.

Ans. Medici family

8: Economist and president of American economic association. Was Australian minister of finance 1948.

Ans. Joseph Schumpeter

9: Logo horse chariot

Ans. Hermes

10: Sara Blackly started with savings of 5000 dollar

Ans. Spanx

11: Founder of National stock exchange and credit agency CARE

ANs: R.H Patil

12: Name of package of benefits that allows employees to make choices.

Ans:  cafeteria

13: First published in 1968 , had character name Cheeku.

Ans: Champak

14: " Babu samjho esare " : which car was used?

Ans: Chevrolet

15: Advertising agnecy from india ( Could not get the question )

16: Difference between actual and potential GDP?

Ans : Okun's law

17: Nodal agency for buying Agricultural commodities?

Ans : NAFED : NAtional agriculture co-operative Marketting federation of India.

18: chocolate from parle containing cardamom ; had become virtual currency. Company had to stop its production.

Ans. Kismi bar

19: Beyond universe waste management , in partnership with NIKE. What is name of organisation?


20: Photograph of Maxis deal accused.who has been alleaged to paid bribe to Marans.

ANs:  Ananda Krishnan

21: What LOPSOD means? It's Based on political party manifesto . Index to measure Advertisement promished.

Ans. Long on promise , short on delivery

22: In 1897 Bayer chemist created new drug which cured his fathers rheumatism

Ans :Aspirin

In 1899, a German chemist named Felix Hoffmann, who worked for a German company called Bayer, rediscovered Gerhardt's formula. Felix Hoffmann made some of the formula and gave it to his father who was suffering from the pain of arthritis. With good results, Felix Hoffmann then convinced Bayer to market the new wonder drug. Aspirin was patented on February 27, 1900.

The folks at Bayer came up with the name Aspirin, it comes from the 'A" in acetyl chloride, the "spir" in spiraea ulmaria (the plant they derived the salicylic acid from) and the 'in' was a then familiar name ending for medicines.

23: 1897 this company sponsored almost everything for queens visit to India : but one tea was not sponsored...what was that?

Ans. Lipton

24: What Grexit means?

Ans. Greece exit

25: Ad campaign : Never hide

Ans. Rayban

p.s : My favorite song for the moment is title track from movie 'Barfi'