Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You will be there

Whenever i search you , i can feel your presence ,
stupid talks with unnecessary information ,
Some repetitive ones and some not so new ,
In moments of hopelessness and in moments of joy ,
Tried to ignore with open eyes ,
At times i Could hear you without any voice ,
Somehow i held on and said all will pass.

All i did was was with no bad intentions ,
Felt bad when i did want you to turn ,
On one side i did respect your decision
Felt bad when i could not hold those emotions ,
As you said ," don't want you to see that way "

Why i felt it that way , why i stood there for so late?
May be i don't want to know the reasons.
Why some paths intersect , why some stories intercept?
I know  , I'll never find  some answers.

There are moments when you are missed ,
when i walk with slight slow pace thinking you are by my side
When i try to sing with voice not so nice ,
As i try to correct my bad habits ,
I hear you say , " don't want to see you that way "

I wondered if this search has any ending ,
May be you will never show up ,
I know you will giggle listening this part of the story ,
Anyways, you will know the other part of the journey.

Confusion galore , i know for sure ,
I shall clear the the path we shall walk together,
I will listen more and speak less ,
Will read you and won't bother about writing ,
Caring you will be like getting cared ,
Slow motion it is as i try to peep into my future ,
It feels good , at last , you will be there.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Make it count

From tears to pristine and vibrant smile ,
Then i was worried , now I'm proud of you ,
You are going for something what you like ,
i know it requires courage ,
to go against the flow ,to walk on unknown path .

I wish for you all strength and confidence ,
Do it with truth and fearlessness ,
Never let evil to become a hurdle,
Handle responsibility with tenacity ,
Manage others non-sense with rationality.

Do devote your time to hobbies ,
Enjoy your favorite songs in free time,
Do search where they have music concert ,
Do explore the joy of eating street food ,
If possible , do pick up that nice book,
utilize your energy at dance,
Don't drop the mobile phone quite often,
Keep back-up money if you forget wallet at home.

Do review what you are doing ,
make corrections for wrongs ones , Persist with good ones.
Always Carry ready-to-eat food as back up ,
Cultivate qualities of Scofield of Prison Break,
Always remain calm , work on the plans ,
If plan A fails ,  be ready with plan B ,
Don't waste time over small hurdles,
Look as far as possible.

Sometimes we meet people to add-up to sweet memories ,
I shall aspire to live some moments again,
With a cuppa of coffee or with sip of tea,
given an option it'll be tea at roadside dhaba.

To conclude i will say , " Make it count ",
Now you know things don't end , they get transformed