Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kittu's fast : 5 agenda

Everything in the House seemed normal till Kittu typed the words on twitter and facebook ," today , i'll be on fast.Henceforth,on every Sunday, i'll be on fast ,indefinitely, till my five point demands are not accepted by the family authorities .There is no scope of any negotiation on this as this has been drafted after a lot of considerations with my friends". A copy of above text was attached to Mohit uncle's ( Kittu's dad) morning news paper and same text was kept on top of tea bottle in kitchen.

The actual text of five point demand are as under.
1: Permission to wake up late on sundays i.e 11am
2: Permission to perform 5-hours-computer-game-session-ritual on saturday night.
3: Increment of Pocket money : not less than 12.5% of current ( keeping in view annual inflation )
4: Green leaf vegetables should be phased out from dinner table . Should not be served more than 1 day in a week.
5: Memorandum of understanding (MOU) on technological upgradation in coming months i.e new electronic gadgets, new bicycle, etc.

All above demands are binding in nature.

To resolve the deadlock , home ministry ( Kittu's Mom i.e aunty juno ) has appointed chinki( Kittu's sister ) as official mediator.Chink approached kittu with morning breakfast . Home ministry also issued letter of threat and may resort to usage of force if the fast is prolonged.Chinki has assured kittu that his demands can be discussed if he presents it in more democratic manner . Fasting should be last resort. Kittu's friends have supported his demands and resorted to demonstration in front of his house. They left the place hurridly on hearing angry words from kittu's mom. When contacted , kittu's mom expressed anger and termed the demands as "unrealistic". One of Kittu's friends, on condition of anonymity, has expressed aunty's such reply as Draconian and medieval. He said , " With time parents should take more liberal stance , Kittu's demand are very realistic and should be accepted without modification" .

Meanwhile ,Mohit has called for all party meet to come to any conclusion. The meeting is scheduled to be held at dinner's table , late in the evening . Sushila aunty , Kittu's neighbor , has expressed apprehension on whole scenario. She said , " I hope acceptable-to-all solution is achieved in the meeting " . Meanwhile , juno aunty has said that sushila aunty's remarks are "unwanted" and said that this is our internal matter and we can handle it as we have done in past.

At the time of writing this news , Kittu's grandfather has decided to support kittu's demand in principle . He said , " Kittu's demands are democratic , I'm with him . Kittu's dad had made me face many such situations. Now he'll know how it feels like ".Now , everyone is waiting for the outcome of the meeting and Parents are worried because this may lead to similar demands in their territories.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5 Minutes : Past and Present

How many times we yearn for that 5 mins of sleep in many forms . The form can be extra-supplementary-complementary-out Ofplace-important-necessary-not to forget-customary . Who can not claim to be fan of extra 5 minutes of early morning sleep .
This is signified by spoken/unspoken words , " it's too early , i should sleep more , at least.....for 5 minutes".

Clock turns back by quite sometime ,to class "two" days to be precise.I remember one small chapter, titled "5 minutes" ( paanch mitute in hindi , if i remember correctly ) .The protagonist of the story , Gopi , used to delay all activities by at least 5 minutes. Then, i was able to correlate my reluctance to do things on time with Gopi's act . Then , i knew few nuances of time wasting techniques.Later, as years passed , i did realize these are signs of "laziness";one has to struggle all the time to fight laziness.

Now coming to the actual agenda , can the phenomena of sleep optimization ( increasing by 5 mins ) may come under purview of fight-against-laziness? Unfortunately , answer can not be found in any available text . Most accepted answer can be , it depends from situation to situation . Taking example , if innocuous 5 minute duration gets elevated to 5 hours , it can easily be termed as brazen breach of 5-minutes-acceptance-protocol .Going for a case study , i remember one friend in school days , he used to regularly breach the mentioned acceptance protocol and this observation was known to all friends ( Boarding school it was ) . He tried to fight this embarrassment by authorizing and appointing few trusted friends to perform damage control if he was found extending the agreed time limit of 5 minute sleeping protocol . Various annexes were added to make-him-wake-up activity effective i.e usage of water , stick , football free kick etc etc ( depending on the demand of situation ) . Level three ( Red ) situation was identified if next day we had to write some exam . Level one ( Green ) situation involved usage of water in different quantities at regular interval. Aftermath of water-usage-activity was hilarious situation. Another mention of a friend who used to have big alarm clock , with snooze at each 5 minutes. Everyone used to wake up due to his alarm clock , but not him . Many times we had to face what-to-do situation , when the alarm clock locked(
security reasons) in his suitcase used to start alarming , with him not in vicinity . Everyone had to go away from the happening-location to avoid that irritating alarm clock's persistent noise.

At personal level , i have to earn the right to get that 5 minutes extra( this due to that me V/S myself fight )I did read somewhere , " nothing is worse than getting something without effort" . The right can be earned by performing some activities i.e reading 50 pages of particular book . Its similar to earning carbon credit rating in Kyoto protocol ( oops! out of context comparison ). As i look back and i get surprised with the fact that i used to wake up at was 4:30 am in my class 10th days. Things have changed but one thing has remained common , i adored 5 minute package then, as well as Now.

This piece of text will remain incomplete without mention of souls who successfully utilize their 5 minute package in bus/train/auto/class/office etc etc . One thing is clear 5 minute package has huge fan base and all love it . I am already inclined towards 5 minute package as i near completion of this blog entry.

p.s : 5 min package was coined by me in combination with the college friend of mine...aytas we called him, he has been great fan of 5 min package .