Friday, February 12, 2010

Love in The air

These days anyone can say love is in the air. Valentine's day is around the corner , presence of the same has been magnified by flooded topics on this topic on internet. So this is time to say it again to our loved one's and celebrate it with infinite love . This blog entry is dedicated to miss-special ( not undermining my love for others who make my life b'ful everyday by being part of it ).

This blog entry is much awaited by me and as the topic is very " difficult " words are not helping me as usual. I will use my ready made line here , " this day is all about saying it once more to our loved one's what they mean to us " . Now concentrating on miss-special somethings about her i want to share.....

1: Can get angry on anything, that too 24/7 : Every time she gets angry i'm found unprepared for the same . with no "disaster" management in place she laughs at my NO-preparedness.

2: Angry to romantic in no time : I just wonder how easily she does that , i am not complaining for this , at that time i can relax thinking " aal-eez-well "

3: She seems more organized than me : She thinks i am worst organized which i'm not . I know everything is "relative" is this universe.

4: Fashion crazy : No wonder here , all gals are of predictable when it comes to fashion ( all will agree )

5: She hates numbers and i love them : This is 5th is the list ...better i should stop :)

Keeping it short i can say my love has motivated me to be better person every day . I have known what it means to be made feel special . Hey!! not to forget infinite number of fights , leg pulling , sleepless nights we had and keep on having everyday ( pyar-ke-side-effects ) .

Before closing i would like to say happy Valentine's day to everyone in general and miss-special in particular .

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

when " what-happened "

This has been a long time since i troubled my blogspot account to make any blog entry. Even if the motivation was there to do so but sometimes not easy access to infrastructure and many times my-lazy-self did help me not to do the same . Last year during this time i was addicted to blogging and i did learn many things by reading others. Many times i wondered how diverse the blog world is with so many special people writing special things. here comes my blog entry after long delay....

Without wasting any more space-time here is what i have in my mind right now as i am trying to give words to my thoughts. This is about strange feeling of not believing in what is happening around us ( in +ve sense ) . We correlate this feeling with some dream . Eyes fail to perceive the reality of the scenario. Ears accept everything in moments of submission.However, in this anarchy exists beauty of the moment. Thoughts come galore to save the moment in most raw form and make it part of in erasable crystal clear memory.

In last 10 days i had many such moments which came after long wait. I can say those moments are easily part of sweetest memories my brain cells have/will-have. Not that every thing went as thought while waiting for the moment. Things just take their way just like flowing water. One can feel that emotions can't be guided according to the plan. At the same time regrets are not associated with whatever happens because it happens spontaneously . The helplessness hardly brings bad feeling about one's self-ability. Falling is not equated with failure in this case . Those who have experience will call, " this happens" , those who go through such moments actually know , " this happens " .

Nothing remains in this world static with ever changing space/time , but we can always savor the sweetness of sweet moments and with time some moments become more sweet when we understand actually what happened .

p.s : what happened has not been disclosed for obvious reasons :)