Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some decision , a moment and the appreciation

Agent Smith : Neo , you are going to help us......whether you want or not......Because you have decided this and we won't give you time to think why you have decided this . Changing the decision is beyond is thing of the past which can't be undone.Such can be the game sometimes...oops!! most of the times. We do what others want us to do just because we had decided to do that. What one wants to do and in what manner is lost in translation when it comes from others mind. What next?...its silent quest to redeem the lost grounds by adjusting to the scenario. Adaptation and survival of the fittest has resulted into evolution or the other way around? Let's leave this for the better minds to study and achieve greatness from the same. Is it like this way that lesser souls will have to lose freedom at the expense of hard decision.

Here comes the abrupt end of random's not random if i think from my conscience .We end up getting into measurable situation just because one decided to do that ...what must be known always is why this decision was made. This will help coming out of the bad situation and similar mistake if possible won't be repeated if one is lucky/unlucky to face similar scenario again.

Moving on to the special moment part.
Date : 20th Sept 2010 AD
Time : around 1:20PM IST
Location : escalator
Responsible entity : one friend
Scenario : The entity started singing one song and stopped abruptly because some other entities claimed entry into the elevator...actually it was some initial words of the lyrics "gal meethi meethi bol " . what was special about the moment can't be expressed in words. This has led me to write all other special moments in the past which i have in progress on that.

Finally, time to close this blog entry , this is being done by mentioning my pleasure over my first least this did qualify my criteria of appreciation mail . The same has been stored by religiously naming one folder "Appreciation mail". I hope this is the beginning of more such mails . Before closing, "In this world there is more hunger for love and appreciation then for food " .

Bye folks!