Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I was at home...for some days

It happened again this time ,
Some moments predictable , some with new dimensions
When i tried to bundle all moments together ,
After all, i wait eagerly those moments,
In short , I was at home ,for some days

When people ask to wake up early ,
All works, small big , requires notification ,
Laziness reaches new heights,
Mom asked , how you manage outside with such lifestyle?

When you learn family basics again ,
mom asked , don't you bargain?
When sister asked for computer tips ,
She is still scared of computer viruses.

When receiving phone means unnecessary spending,
They call this is due to roaming,
Eating home food , enjoying power cut ,
Some light talks , some serious ones,
Assuring dad , all will be fine.

When seeing dad following same routine,
Receiving tips from him, which have always been same,
When i know what will be spoken ,
I love this and can't complain this unchanging thing.

Suddenly the calender indicated , time to move
implementing myself in front of unknowns,
Making some decisions on my own,
Chase for perfection continues.

Dad escorted me till station ,
In no time , time came to separate,
I knew,he'll return again in two minutes ,
Oops! , this time he returned twice to say bye again ,
To give same tips again .

Train moved , i recalled all new special moments,
counted what passed , in some days ,
Don't know when i will return again?
Will things be like this again?
Some questions will not be answered,
In short, I was at home......for few days!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On your special Day : Reloaded

Not long ago i did write my blog entry to wish one of my fav persons, on her b'day. Then i had little idea that my next blog entry will be written for same person , this time on occasion of her getting engaged.However one tries not to speak up things , so many indications are apparent showing something nice is cooking. I wanted to ask my friend on this. But i did refrain from this considering its Indian culture not to speak anything when something pious is happening/about to happen.I waited for the news to come and i'm easily happily surprised.

This engagement thing is still out of this world thing me. As i try to know what the feeling can be to get engaged ,clueless i get.But one thing is clear one finally finds someone with whom one will get old ( at least in Indian context). Some points that are coming into my mind , which can be associated to this day are

1: You can bug someone all the time with your stupid talks even without knowing what you are talking hardly makes any sense.

2: You stop taking care of yourself because someone else is these for that work and you have to take care of that person all the time.

3: You ask for suggestion/help from the person without even thinking if that person can really help you . You have someone who will help you when anything goes wrong.

4: You know someone better then yourself.

5: You get answer as "yes" to all the quintessential question you had over the years i.e will you read me when i won't write ? Will you listen me when i won't speak? Will you be on my side when whole world is against me? Will you hold my hand on all unknown paths i walk?

Above points i shall read in future to to get reference to update my blog when i shall know how it really feels to get engaged.Coming back to wishing ritual which i have already done using vocal chords, this time in written for the memorabilia.

"Sweet Girl in you will turn into responsible lady , but am sure you will always be as cute as you are today.I won't forget your what-to-do-next moment after eating sweets at my desk....cuteness personified. Didn't i tell you GOST...god-of-small-things."

Before closing ......One of my fav words....with a lot of power comes a lot of responsibility ......Now you have got the "power"...responsibility will follow effortlessly. Wishing you great future ahead and keep smiling :)