Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Distributed Role Models

In those days dad was posted at beautiful sleepy town of Thakurganj , in Bihar , i was in class 5.The town had modest population count of around 2000-3000.The town had admirable culture of playing cricket and other sports activities. There was one humble guy there , i am sure everyone knew him by name , at least for we children he was a cult figure , a man of respect , dignity and unmatched calmness . We could associate the word gentleman with him. He was rightfully admired Mr. cool of the town . He did extract genuine respect from people around him . Presently what he must be doing? My one vague guess is, he must be teaching underprivileged children ( He had got job of Government School teacher in primary school ). Those pictures are still vivid in my mind.

The name of the person mentioned above is Mr. Rajaram Mahto. He was role model for all children of Thakurganj. This was for his passion for cricket in general and mainly for other attributes associated with him as mentioned above. He was the captain of the cricket team of the cricket crazy town.What inspired everyone was the way he handled with smile the leg pulling sessions with his friends in public ( It was fun to watch the same , just imagine 20-30 people targeting one with unique antics) . The elan with which he used to walk, the way he talked , the signature style of his riding the bicycle ( too slow for youngster ). One Routine activity of Mr Rajaram needs a mention here. He used to pass from road near our house , on his bicycle , on way to school where he taught . The road had quit steep slope. Instead of allowing the bicycle to reach maximum speed Mr. Rajaram used to apply breaks to maintain his unusual signature speed of a tortoise.Sometimes , people who inspire you can make you smile with their awkwardness .

It's almost impossible to find a complete person call him a role model. I used to appreciate some people over the years only to become critic of them .Down the line, i have realized, its very much natural. As our thoughts broaden and views are molded , opinion change is quite expected . At the same time its very much easy to find role models in bits and pieces who keep on inspiring you everyday. Here are some instances...

1: I haven't tried selling anything till now , but i know how difficult the proposition is , when you try to sell your goods to complete strangers. The Marketing skill of the vegetable vendors is appreciable. Specially the enthusiasm with which they sell their vegetables. Special mention to the not so fortunate vendors who get corner location in the vegetable market/mandi.

2: Hard work is not personified better than the farmers. Luckily i got opportunity to see farmland and dreams associated with same with close quarters. The pleasure of hard work becomes obvious when the reaping season comes. The Moral is , as you sow , so you reap.This actually happens.

3: The perseverance is exemplified by the blacksmith. Burning coal can melt the iron which can be given shape one wishes to. One has to see this to believe , thanks to 1st year engineering workshop , i did actually see iron melt.

4: The impeccability with which the housemaid does everyday cleaning activity is remarkable. Monotonous work requires a lot of will power and appreciable expertise.

5: The security guard at office who greets you without fail : " Good morning!!" . You learn this lesson of human relations ( HR ) , everyday ; obviously with a smile.

These bits and pieces combine to give a wholesome effect, and its heartening to know how people can teach you without saying a word.The distributed role models, You do think about them and gratitude comes automatically. One is indebted to so many souls....knowingly and unknowingly. I wish i could tell Mr. Rajaram he had such effect on at least one soul..that's me.