Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moments these are

Moments are delicate and sweet,
You fail to mention how much you love, people around you,
You want to continue speaking after saying bye,
You turn back to see one last glimpse.

Moments are special and memorable,
When old friend call you other night,
You wear same shirt again and again ,
Just because someone did appreciate that long time ago.

Moments are apprehensive and confusing
Which line to get in at ticket counter?
Which word to say as communication starter?
What to do when you have to wake up early?

Moments are long and still ,
You hold words in your heart ,
You laugh, holding pain in heart,
You waited for some one's glimpse.

Moments are rude and bad,
You get angry for no reason ,
You fail to apologize in time,
You let go happiness knocking your door,
You are busy with some lame work.

Moments are pure and joyful ,
You participate in that famous gossip,
You mimic and play pranks with friends,
You know persons who care for you.

Moments of failure , moments of success,
Moments of happiness , moments when you are sad,
Some make us better , other make us bad,
Some moments when you are alone,
Other moments with everyone around you.

The Moments define our life,
Some are easy and some are hard to find,
Some can't be mentioned in words,
As they can only be felt.