Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pav-bhaji : attacked!!

It happened when human civilization was too busy to notice this. May be they were too busy thinking about space program or were busy making/creating/solving problems for themselves too keep their otherwise vacant life filled with some nuisance they said " work ".

Coming back to the incident three members of a particular species ( oops!! they were humans ) tried to intrude into " belongings" of their fellow human . What followed was complete mayhem . Many explanations were sought and past references were provided to justify this attack . The fellow human tried to control the situation with all possible ability. Alas! inevitable had to occur . This was evident from the nature of the attack .

The intruders claimed they deserved to " eat " that thing for which they had made the attack. ( Definition of "eat" : part of the process to extract energy from external substance ) . Why they made this attack? .....isn't this obvious? what powerful creatures want?...ans is simple..." more power ". This instinct led to the occurrence of this event which changed the course of human thinking far humans can get when it comes to get more power.

A case study made into this resulted into shocking findings . The substance under consideration was called " pav-bhaji" This was famous substance made form other substances as ingredients for the purpose of getting energy . Don't know why the then humans used to do this when there were so many sources of energy from energy might had been extracted . yes they called this process " cooking " as if this was technologically smart thing .

Everything can be justified in simple line . Humans used to do many things to amuse themselves. " humanity is over-rated " .....this thory is again vindicated with the mentioned event.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

ice did melt

pic: Many times ice melts if it doesn't crack .

It happened once again ,
inevitable got better of me,
Begging and crying was of no avail,
When world fell apart in front.

Heard words which never thought ,
Made me wonder what's going on?
I realised sometimes one can only look to self,
One should save oneself for that.

Remorsing the past action ,
wish to live some moments again,
Hoping against the hope,
The pain increased every second.

The unforgiven soul got what it deserved ,
now that can only have arguments with self,
When i was levelled selfish ,
Then all i meant to show someone's importance!

Everything failed to produce miracle ,
the wish remained only to be buried in heart,
some wishes will always remain wishes ,
not to forget some moments were all but dream.

losing the emotion sink ,
the pain is accumulated ,
Sacrificing i thought is best thing ,
Now i know stupidly has a price

when ice-man did melt completely ,
when i got cursed for transparency ,
When the helplessness was mocked,
when i knew....

" there is difference between knowing the path and walking on it "

This walking is more than pain,
This walking is beyond control,
can't ask anyone for help ,
after all this is my mess.

Will always ask for the answer,
why it happened with me?
why it happened with me?
Many questions remain unanswered

p.s: never knew i'll write with so much pain in heart, that too at my blog.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WORK : it's like this

With reference to CDC ( centre for disease control ) notification regarding the spread of virus Weekly-Overload-Recreational Killer (WORK) here is some elaboration of the same .As pointed out in the official document the mentioned virus may come un-noticed or at times with prior notice. Those are real fools who fall in trap of the virus ( with notice or without ) . Some easy-to-do precaution may easily keep this virus away as all it needs is simple-common-proper-sense . For those who are still confused some suggestions are ....

1: stay away from boss's sight at critical scenario ( comes with experience ) .( definition of Critical scenario is beyond the scope of this document )

2: Show as if you are already down with the virus affect .

3: "Sick" leave will work when peers are already facing the wrath of WORK .

4: Always remember this " fortune favors brave " .

If one is not sure when one has come under influence of this virus here are some symptoms.

1: Late stay at the place of occurrence err office ( regularly )

2: Mind thinks only about virus , 24/7 i-think-of-you types .

3: Joyful opportunity keep every-time simple (JOKES ) scenario becomes complex every-time .

4: facial muscle become no-reaction-muscles and don't comply with smile and laugh requirement of the same . .

What about cure?

Prevention is best defense in this case . But still if one is down with the syndrome regular dozes of Work isolating neutralizer extract ( WINE ) and Bothersome employer Elimination Rebooter ( BEERS ) under guidance of DOC ( dangerous obsessed culprits ) can minimize the effect if not remove the same . If virus is not sufficient GF and many times someone called “wife” optimize the affect of this disaster when one is not available for religious activity of " shopping " and " movies " on time . If not cured person starts living happily under influence of the virus accepting it as gift of god forgetting god has created many other things but WORK is man-made .

Choice is ours whether to stay away from this virus or make bad impression for future generations to come ; they will just say " how crude our forefathers/foremothers were ". Isn't this simple and clear?