Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy New year 2009....In Advance

hi folks,
This is time to say good bye to another year, take new year resolutions , celebrations, to exchange gifts and good wishes , new year is here. Happy new year to everyone i know and to others whom i shall know in coming days , if not in years .I am leaving for home (patna ) , and won't be using internet in comin days ( till 2nd january ) . I wish next year will be good one for me and India as well , i wish there is no recession when i join my job ( i wish my joining date is not delayed ). I wish India may not face another 26/11 in coming years. A bomb blast free year i want to have for my beloved country.

When wish is there one has to work to achieve same . India has to remain united , let regional issues get back seat . I shall have to work at individual level to excel in my personal level . Before closing ( I am in hurry while typing this !), we should hope for the best from next year (and work for same ) and be prepared for worst .Again happy new year 2009 to everyone .
Rock On....ye hai waqt ka isara!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Project Presentation.....7th Sem

hi world,
I had semester project presentation today . This had elements of hindi masala movies , suspense , thrill , heart break , action , emotion , co-operation , anger , loss , gain , resentment and finally hope ( next semester presentation will be better one ) .

Build up to the presentation day was very interesting . Everyone ( confused ) was talking about what we have to prepare for presentation ( ppt and project report ). I prepared both the document with alot of help from net . Anks ( my project partner ) did the editing part ( he did well this time !! ) . But Microsoft word and OpenOffice are still not compatible with each other ( Same will be story in future i.e people using OpenOffice will face difficulty getting printout of their document as printout shops will always use microsoft word ( God knows why ? ,if there is any god ) ) . I exhausted ( failed to keep my otherwise composed approach ) while editing as Microsoft word did provide ample problems to do so .That is why project report lacked things as simple as highlighting . Still anks did good work reading the document again and again for error .

I would like to talk some points about the masala mentioned in first paragraph .

Suspense : Many groups didn't prepared Project report , most made same on the spot . But first group had to face rebuke of teachers . This was heart break for some students as they had to cancel their " home going " tickets . Their presentation has been postponed .

Anger : Some students were angry about the no information about the project report preparation ( no information system of our college ) .

Thrill : I was associated with this . R was asked to bring notice from hostel notice board when he reported late for presentation claiming same was written in notice . One of the teachers did provide his bike for this to ravi . I was at " LITTI POINT " of BIT . I received call from VR and was requested to retrive power chord he had forgot in LAB 3 . Yes R was returning from hostel with notice at high speed . I waved to him to get lift , which he did give . Moving on insti road at relatively high speed ( and listening R's misadventure ) did provide thrill and action part to me .

Hope : This presentation did gave us experiance of what is called semester project presentation . One thing is very clear , no matter how well you prepare , one can not rule out probablity of unanswerable question from teachers in front of you . Hope is always there as they say " after all , tomorrow is another day " .

Co-operation : How can one forget co-operation part . Our ppt. and report was referred by many groups as reference for format of the report .

At last presentation is over for me , some groups will have their presentation in coming days . I know masala movie ( presentation ) will bring out other versions of same story in coming days . Finally , as they say , " tomorrow is another day ", but one can only wait for tomorrow .

Friday, December 12, 2008

Editor Anks......Aka Landlord

Hi friends,
I declare officially ,anks as "Editor " of my blog considering his " extraordinary literary skills " . He will be responsible for all the error corrections ( spelling and ambiguity issues to be done by me ) . He has claimed to sell my blog some day and earn millions ( may his non-sensical dream comes true ). I hope he will not edit this blog entry ( oh! this is edited version ).

This blog entry , I think , will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
bye folks.

UPSC.....IAS on my mind

hi folks,
The day for which i have been waiting has finally arrived , UPSC civil services exam notifications ( on 6th December ) are out .I have obtained the form as well ( thanks to ankur's effort ). It is a dream come true with me filling form for Indian administrative services.My father is in Bihar police ( Assistant sub inspector , in Patna ) , so i have seen closely what status an IAS officer enjoys among general public . This is opportunity to give tribute to my History and geography skills , which i had once . But in life we do many things which are not close to our heart . Real satisfaction comes in doing which can be called close to heart.

I was feeling some sort of void after placement in CSC. There was no immediate motivation to study something. With UPSC in mind , next 5 months are going to be interesting and i shall be able to know whether i am still good at history and geography ( My optional subjects for UPSC ). I give best of luck ( i don't believe in luck though ) to myself for something extraordinary that may be possible in next 1 year .
Bye folks,

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Common Man ......No Longer Common

hi folks,
Common man is not at all common specially if the government follows the definition "of the people , for the people , by the people ".
last 10 days have been really happening for india in general and mumbai in particular .But ,we have seen some silver lining in this painful dark cloud ( 26/11 attack ) . Common mass stood against the politicians with "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH " statement . I wish this strong feeling is noticed throughout the country . Almost all of us take exception about "it happens only in india " scenario in day to day activities . Hey , it's time to act , work something for nation building . Youth should give at least 3 to 4 years for nation building ( friends squeeze some time from what we give to multinationals working as consultants ( stupid job ) ). Mrs. Rashmi bansal pointed very aptly ,

"real change will come only when 10% of the youth who today toil to crack a CAT or GMAT or dream of success in conventional terms change their outlook and devote themselves to the hard task of nation-building."

We should try to act where ever there is scope . We should say no to " chalta hai attitude " or " kuch nahi honewala " attitude . I would like to remember a dialogue of hindi movie , " naa to hai hi , try karne me kya harz hai ". Finally R.K laxman's The common man is no longer common , same is required from common men/women of india .
bye World,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rubiks Cube.....1 year with me

Hi folks ,
my association with Rubiks cube is going to be 1 years ( on 4th december 2008 ) . On this date i first took notice of color cube ( which i thought was for kids to play with ) in Ammar's room . I didn't know it was called rubik's cube ( Obviously on name of it's founder Mr. erno rubik ) . next 10 days were very interesting with i kept on thinking about the method to solve the cube . Using Google was not same after those days . I devoted many hours searching for any algorithm . I found many , but failed to implement any one . I finally gave up and went home on 17th december . My hard word finally paid in january when i was able to solve the cube ( around 10th january i think ).

There is interesting thing to add here . I started working on programmed solution of the cube ( till now i am unable to do that ) But i was rewarded for this also . I did mention this in my Resume for Google internship . I think on basis of this only my name appeared in list of students whose names were recommended from our college to google . I didn't get dream opportunity to give telephonic interview , but still this was special thing .

As i am associated with Rubiks cube for one years , i would like to celebrate this with thanks to Erno Rubiks who created this cube . I know working with one's hobbies does gives satisfaction . So everyone should look for what their hobbies are and go for it . One can learn beautiful things .
bye for now,