Monday, June 25, 2012

Predicamant of hope

The Excitement of uncertainty,
Joy of happy surprises,
Being confused is not such rarity,
Hope of the tenacity,
Will situations be memorable.

Work till it becomes easy,
extract life from the still objects,
You are the master of your own craft,
Struggle will continue with oneself,
Enjoy the company of unknowns,
Invisible faces which give you hope,
To be better than yourself.

Run fast to reach the predefined,
Remember , Undefined can be meaningful, someday,
What you love today , tomorrow it will be distaste,
You laugh , got sad , got emotionless,
Sound of loneliness and triumph,
You said it and forgot the words.

When struggle becomes tougher,
You look things in retrospective,
Repeat jokes to different subjects,
You talk good in secret,
In front of them you remain speechless.

Of speaking too many words and listening less,
Words ringing in your ears forever,
You wonder why it had to happen,
What will happen from now?
Some good , some bad , not so memorable,
One can come good the other day,
Can life achieve that unmatched proportions?
When life won't be same,forever...

The predicament of confusion it is,
Wait will continue till that moment.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Driver Made it Large

Hari Mastan Khargosi , 25 year old from Jhalawar, Rajasthan , has made country proud by getting job offer of 1 crore per annum , plus other benefits. He has been selected for assistant Driver HT-truck, Trainee job profile in the well known transport firm JVS : Just-V-Speed with job base location in Ottawa , Canada . All India Driver's Association chairman , Bekabu Jahaji revealed this in a press conference here in Varanasi. Elaborating the news Mr. Jahaji thanked former PM Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee for giving the nation golden quadrilateral. He said," On Golden quadrilateral we can really utilize our driving talent.Khargosi cleared 10 rounds of rigorous driving test followed by HR interview with NOT-So-HOT HR representative of JVS. Some tests were held in Thar desert , at Rohtang Pass , Gandhi Setu Patna , Darjeeling Hills etc ". Mr Jahaji did conclude with words , "Its really nice that world is now looking for diverse job profile in our country. From doctors and engineers now we drivers are also making India proud".

This news has not come without share of controversy.Many skeptic have blamed this as another form of brain drain . President of All India Khakhor Association 3J ( Jaadu-Jalebi-Jabbar ) has commented that this type of astronomical job offer from foreign firm is clear attack on country's HR ( human resource ) . He added , " our country needs many drivers like Hari".

There was festival like atmosphere at Hari's home town Jhalawar. Elated town folks celebrated the feat by distributing sweets . Now they know there are other avenues then becoming engineers/MBA grads/IPL players. This has given them hope and inspiration. Hari thanked all friends and family members. Hari added that he wanted to become a Mechanical engineer .He gave up the idea after having a "brain wash" session with a frustrated mechanical engineer who is preparing for CAT just to increase his salary prospect. Hari , Like all guy-next-door has a dream , he dreams of buying one home for his Mom-Dad.
The village headmaster expressed happiness on hearing Hari's achievement. He recalled Hari was always mischievous . He added , " Hari always had special affinity with machines , he used to flatten my bi-cycle tyre quite often. I knew his this love will take him miles in future. He will surely cover miles , now in Canada".

Air India pilots have intensified their stir on hearing this news . They said if a truck driver can get such salary why we AI pilots are being exploited , we are getting only 60 Lac per annum. Civil aviation minister Ajit Singh declined to comment on this.

Some drive just for fun i.e. rich brats on Delhi roads , Other make handsome earning by driving , earlier Narain karthikeyan then karun chandhok and now we have Hari Khargosi...who's next?
p.s : Above content is purely imaginary , Just for fun.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Lovable protocol

Some years back( year 2005 ) a friend had remarked looking  at a photograph in a newspaper of a dangerously beautiful lass  , " why i am not there to console her". Girl was pictured with sad face , she was paying tribute to victims of Beslan school massacre. With due respect to sensitivity associated with mentioned scenario ,  guys have strange capability to look for something extra in all situations.Strange protocols are formed , manufactured , self-imposed in due process , over the years .

The problem is compounded by the fact that in front of girls its difficult for guys to converse for long time , at least in India. This can be attributed to various reasons. Here main reason under consideration is , 90% of guys talk simply can not accommodate a girl in the conversation. So guys have to manage with 10% of their know how .What is the solution ? They take respite in being a good listener , girls anyway are better speaker. But this is difficult to manage scenario as one will be termed as a bore and shooed away in minutes.Not to forget some guys have god given capability to speak words what every girl dies to listen. A rare species for sure. Coming back to the protocols that get created over the years , guys have to prepare answer to generic universal questions i.e

1: What is your favorite color?
( they have to make one if they don't have) . If one's favorite color is blue , to be on safer side one should take lessons for differentiating between between , Light blue , Majorelle Blue , Oxford Blue,Palatinate blue etc.

2:  What is your favorite movie? ( read romantic movie )

3: Do you love pets? ( one has to say yes ) 

4: what is best gift that you got? ( Its hard to explain for a guy of lower Middle class background, gift is alien word , one has to stress the memory cells  and find what he got which can be called a gift)

5:  what did you do on your last birthday? ( One has to make it interesting even though it was normal veg-Manchurian-paneer-butter-masala-Naan session with friends...Yes , guys can mix Chinese with Indian dishes while eating )

Having prepared these and similar questionnaires one has to try to compensate your reduced 90% word strength with something called idiosyncrasy. No wonder for gals,  guy talks soon become boring and repetitive .Defeat accepted , guys come back next day only to give a better try , wondering what those stupid looking boys with strange accent talk for so long and same creatures around them giggle on every line!!

I would like to recall a short lived protocol of mine, i called carry-two-pen-protocol.I used to carry two pens with me since the forgetful day when one girl, who was lovable to everyone, did ask for pen and i had none. My stupid smile and apologetic words were of no help. I finally gave up this activity of carrying 2 pens after philosophically conceding , " some moments can not repeat" .

The protocol creation and maintenance  doesn't end here. As one should not look desperate , he shows as if his surrounding is not so special . When the phone rings and the caller happens to be "that" girl, its time to delay the pick up and let the ringtone live full life .When in reality one is dying to press the green button and say hi-hello-etc.obviously the heartbeat rate increases exponentially in the mean time.No wonder some stories which might had taken beautiful proportions are not able to find initiating words.

Recently , we could not stop laughing incessantly when one friend did narrate , how helpless he felt when one girl asked him to accompany her while going home . "Sadly" he had no car with him. He cursed his salary for the "misfortune". He has no problem riding on crowded bus, but as per his rule book ,  when there is girl with him she has to go in a car. For him, guys are made up to face all the hardships and only gals should get best possible.

Such acts may not define love in general , but these certainly make love more lovable. Special mention to the answer given by an eight year old girl when she was asked to define love. She said , " Love is when you say to a guy he is looking good in the shirt he is wearing and he wears that shirt everyday".