Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy B'day To gogeshwar

I don't know the story goes back to which date-time. May be it was august of 2005AD. Something had begun without any significant warning . I started knowing someone ( i know that is impossible ) and evolution had started in my life ( college first year it was ) .What followed was countless moments of pure joy-masti-faaltugiri.

I did find someone in front of whom one can only laugh all the times ( ignoring some serious discussion in packets ).Mindless talks can not be so beautiful,i did feel that many times. It was only understood be a few, with time others( species) joined the party to make it more beautiful. Joyous moments were mixed with moments of serious talks ,we-will-do-this-do-that kind. In his take-it-easy approach i found seriousness at times. disorganized can be organized in its own ways , there can't be better example. His prowess to intermingle with any one in smallest possible time makes him real special person. People end up calling that communication skill .I can go on writing , but at the same time i know less written, its better about Mr Kools .
Before closing moment to remember , "we leaving for home in college Bus( college to town) and our mindless talk in bus, till then i never knew i can be so good at having fun in most simple scenario. Every time i'm inside a bus that moment comes spontaneously in my mind leaving me smiling :)

Now coming to main agenda , all this was written just to say happy B'day to dear gogeshwar ( as he is lovingly called by himself ).I wish special attributes attached with you get better with years to come. One secret to be reveled , My mom is your huge fan , she just loves your videos i showed to her.

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Remote" control

This blog entry is over fight over remote control with special mention to the airtel advertisement : Mera Ghar , Mera TV ,Mera Remote . I always had fight with sister-dear in spite of the fact that there are only two options there in my house ( DD national and DD-news ) . No points for mentioning who used to win the fight and who opted for what....she won obviously (ignoring some exception when mom come to my help ) . I have been away from home for 13 years now, still that fight is renewed everytime i'm at home though the vigour and enthusiasm has diminished over the years.

Coming back to present scenario , in our flat ( 4-5 humans stay there with time-space complexity playing its part).Thanks to BPL TV's small "memory" there is option to tune only 30 channels . So there is COI ( conflict of interest ) everyday with people exchanging awkward facial expression involved with some interference in air resulting into "noise" pollution. I tried to list the reasons

1: Emotional attachment with particular program ( tom and Jerry in my case )

2: One doesn't want to see something

3: one can't ignore some channels.

4: one can't see something.
( other equally good scenarios have been left for reader's imagination )

In good old days one had to walk upto TV to choose channels....oops!! increase-decrease-volume , contrast , fine tuning etc...OOPs-again!! how can i forget voltage control using voltage stabilizer. least lazy one or the youngest one had to take care of these rudimentary works. They might had won the battle of choosing-what-they-want but thanks to this remote control thing the game has changed completely over the years. Ability to make facial expression and "noise" wins the battle( all are good at that ) .

How can one forget the jumbo disk antenna and different angles one had to select to choose channel. I had some experience in boarding school about this , thanks to our curiosity and "in-depth" knowledge of our system experts( seniors ) about the same. I used to remember the angle for star-sports and set-max ( sports specialist) . One interesting memoir....we had made cloth-hanger work as antenna to watch 98'FIFA world cup semis at mid night ( we had to sleep at 10PM by order ) . That antenna didn't work during finals so we didn't get chance to see France striking glory in finals.

No doubt remote-control to watch Tv has given special ability and now people are even recording TV programs with use of mobile phone. But fight over authority over remote control is adding new dimension to already memorable times with idiot-box. I hope someday everyone will have one personal TV following PHP ( Pigeon Hole Principle ) but will the pigeons will be happy then? it is another story.