Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some changes and Independence day

The Independence Day ( 15th Aug  )eve takes me to memory lanes when future was not anxious wait and past was not significant to be taken as good/bad experience. Many people were yet to meet me , journey called life had just started . I was sweetly innocent and was brimming with energy each morning. Then, the best thing for me was watching Sampras-Agassi duals on tennis courts and getting  dhania-chutney (coriander-chutney) for breakfast-lunch-dinner. Even though Diwali and Durga-Puja were festivals to wait for ;Independence day did find equally high importance in my family . I was yet to read any significant book on India but mom was able to successfully tell me why this day was important.

The independence day mornings of childhood days were nothing less than any religious urgency. Everyone used to be in some sort of hurry. School Independence Day celebration was given a miss as I had to attend/see functions at other places. We ( 3-4 wandering friends ) used to sincerely visit all government offices in our locality. It seemed as if some top priority assignment was given to us to ensure that national flags are hoisted on each building without a fail. Saluting the national flag at each building gave us some crazy and unknown joy. The wandering activity used to conclude with ‘official’ flag hoisting ceremony at my place ( around 10 am ). Dad was always chief guest for that and being in police uniform he used to give some necessary weight to the event. The great Indian sweet Jalebi was placed as if it was some sacred offering for the celebration. We used to eat the same only after hoisting the flag and singing national anthem in full volume and  repeating  bharat mata ki jai” , “bande mataram” and other slogans  a few times ,  giving full stress to our vocal chords. The eventful day used to end with me taking the flag down with due respect. 

In coming years the pattern of my independence day celebration got evident change when attending the school flag hoisting used to conclude the activity for the day for me. What remained memorable was going on prabhat pheri  in the town ; Covering almost each important roads of the town.In later years I  did prepare speeches on few occasions and did participate in Nukkad Natak to add different dimension to my celebration experience. 

The boy did grow with passing years. The world which was so simple for him suddenly became complex for him. He saw there was disparity in society evident as poverty. He knew what being from lower-middle class family means. He was surprised to know people, even learnt and respected,  can hate each other and  can kill each other in the name of god/pride. The boy saw how world looks like when seen from the eyes of a non-believer. It felt some sort of low to know  people who always tried to outsmart other with their wit. Why one has to fool other?  Boy was amused to see selfish souls really exist in this world. The question came to his mind ,” why I am here?” , “which path I should walk on?” Questions galore, none were answered. May be some questions are not meant to be answered.
It saddened the boy that his country faced so many problems. He couldn’t believe the fighter planes he had seen were not made in his country. He did not become happy to know there are billionaires living in his country. Amidst all the changes one faith continued to gain strength in him. The boy fell in love with his country. I know there will be many chapters in this story; the love will be tested in due course. One thing is sure, there will not be any break-up in this love story.
This story will continue with unique twists and turns…….Happy Independence Day

p.s : Song Badari Badariya is my favourite for the day :)