Friday, February 27, 2009

Mid-semester exam.......

image : five seconds before exam ends
Exam time...
So for me , time to perform another exam ritual( 28th feb. ) . Mid-semester exams are here, my last in "becoming-engineer" life( 8th and final sem this is ). One important statistic regarding theory papers exam , this will be 81st time i shall be writing theory paper mid-sem/end-sem exam ( no offence to so many lab. viva/performance/lab quiz exams ) .Surviving so many exams is demanding and this took 3 and 1/2 years (long time ) .

Before joining (BIT) , i used to hear what life in engineering college is , from seniors . Now , i have experienced all those things ( time to give juniors ,funda , how to live engg. life ). So , funda was simple , give your best during exam days ( cram is the keyword ) .No need to torture oneself 2 weeks before the exam , and certainly not to bother what is being taught in the classes. It took me sometime to adjust to new setting , and selective study became "mantra". Other path was to become "loadu", "maggu ", "frustu" , " padhaku" ( desi words for studious guys ) . I was never "cool" nor "studious" , middle path i chose .Whatever , my next 10 days are busy days ( study days ) , i just wish the exam time passes fast . Looking forward to normal "day-to-day" life ( 7th march , mid-sem ends ).

Looking back , last one week was eventful here in our college . There was cultural fest ( BITOTSAV' 09 ) , 18th to 23rd feb . Very entertaining days were there , i.e heritage night , music night , dance night etc. to name a few . I enjoyed music night very much, it was good to listen to "music talents" of our college. However, best moment came when "Band of Boys" came in our college on 23rd night. Everyone enjoyed so much , all "non-dancers" ( including me ) danced a lot. I can say i never danced so much in my life , and that too besides the stage "band of boys" were performing will be easily part of my "yaadein" from my college days.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

me and cartooning

it all started here in "BIT".

Cartooning is one of the few good habits that i got in BIT. Before that i never knew i can sketch. I always loved cartoons but never tried to sketch them . I was big fan of "mowgali " from jungle book , and it was some sort of ritual for me watching that on "Doordarshan " on Sundays (10 am). "Alice in wonderland" and "donald duck's" equally fascinated me in those days.

Moving forward the story "me and cartooning", Times of india has "Garfield in it's sports page section . In first year here in bit, mesra ( now i am in 4th year ) reading newspaper was like reading only sports page for me . Thankfully , Garfield cartoons were there ,and i loved the character Garfield so much . Without any doubt real funny comic character Garfield is , more one knows Garfield , more enjoying it becomes reading cartoons containing Garfield . This "love " for Garfield brought me to cartooning world ,and i thank creator of Garfield Jim Davis for creating such a beautiful character .

Once i entered into the cartooning world i became fan of "r k laxman" and his character "common man " . And next things to follow were , animation movies
"shrek", "finding nemo", "the bee movie ", "bugs" etc ( list is long). Now i am big fan of animation/cartoon world more then ever. These days I am doing one thing to show my affection towards cartoons , sketching the cartoons and they are displayed on my room's walls. It's great to receive feed back from friends when they say "good cartoons ". I don't know for how far i shall be able to continue this hobby but for the time being i am loving this and will continue to love cartoons in near future.

Before closing, all of us should look for our hobbies .We love many things we don't know.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

wikipedia......long live

This blog entry is about my association with wikipedia . without any doubt wikipedia is masterpiece and kudos to jimmy wales for thinking about this . For just clarification wikipedia is online website , part of wikimedia foundation ,and this website contains free articles ranging from science , music, movies etc.

Recently , wiki was asking for donation for funding ( this is non profit organization ). Everyday ,i used to look for how much was donated on that given day . I was surprised to see huge response from wiki fans . Six millions were donated very soon . i wished to donate some money , which i don't have ,may be in future i shall be able to to do such sort of donations. Letter of thanks from wiki founder for support from fans was memorable . Explanation of where the money will be used was spot on . One can learn from there how to take people into confidence . I give thumbs-up to wiki people to carry on their good work . It was surprising to know wikipedia has only 23 people who maintain the website .

Coming to my association with wiki , i am big google user and wiki pages come usually on first page . Movie reviews articles of wikipedia are really good . Computer related articles are equally good , i have referred them most of the time to know development in this field . I become only happy thinking about wikipedia 5 years from now . This is revolution , and i wish this revolution to become culture in coming future . May , wikipedia be there whenever we require that for help . Long live wiki.......8 year old now ( started in jan 2001 ) ......get stronger from here on we are with you .