Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To sweet-sis

Worst enemies can be so close to each other; yes! me and my sister are seasoned arch rivals for each other. Even me staying away from home for 11years has hardly reduced the intensity of sweet-animosity between two of us. There is no sign of truce or waning of rivalry.Today( 5th aug) is rakhi-day and time to celebrate this with dear-sister. I am at home this time after 6years( after 2003 ). Here goes the post about my dearie-sis....

Hey sis,
hi!, time to celebrate the rakhi-day. I remember you tieing rakhi on my wrist since the days you didn't know how to tie any thread. Then you kept mom away from helping you while tieing rakhi. As i think about you , few things that come in mind about you are.....

# you are central database of the family.which thing is located/stored where is known to you only.

# your services are available for every member of the family 24/7. You are mom's right hand. With your help only she is such an autocratic authority.

# you are good cook which is not apparent when i criticize you no matter what you cook.

# when i have to leave home you start packing my bag one day in advance. This generates both good and bad emotions. I just hate packing before leaving home.

# As a kid i used to wonder why you hate game of cricket and can't play the same with me? It was sweet-retaliation throwing/hiding your dolls so that you have time to play with me. I remember your 'counter-attacks' were 'deadly'.

# your spirit of sharing , bows ^o^. Even single hajmolas ,alpenliebes, aam-pachaks, mango-bites were shared by you with me.your style of breaking/cracking them before sharing can-not be expressed in words :P

# i just love your style of tearing corner of the "samosa" from my plate. That style has not changed over the years.

# I treasure our pillow-fight. Yeah! I did end up at the receiving end most of the time. You are so good at that.

# you are my best critic. When others will think twice to say what is wrong with me.....i know you will point my mistakes. Great to have a critic in you always keeping an eye on me.

# you are so good at saving money , even better than mom. How to use money efficiently is in-born attribute of yours.

# you look upto me as if i have solution to all problems. I try to live upto your expectations......i shall always keep on trying.

List is unending, time to close. There is a saying, " keep your friends close , your enemies closer". Sis you are my 'sweetest-enemy', no wonder you are 'closest' to me. I'll always be there for you. Keep on smiling sisterji :-)

from Bhaiya

p.s : special mention here to sweetest-jasoos aka cutie-sis-gudiya .you are so niceee, lucky to have known you. I wont forget to mention aditi, sister from blog world....you are special. Happy-rakhi-day to both of you :-)

p.p.s : waiting for chamki to read this. Pressing 'publish-button' had become painful as i knew chamki is not there to read. Chamkiii.......aao jaldi