Sunday, July 12, 2009

All the best , Mr. D

Time to say so many "all the bests" to friends. Everyone is joining their chosen companies these days. Most ( me too )are waiting for delayed joining dates....recession time :( . This post is dedicated to daeboo , tomorrow ( 13th july )he is joining his company .

Daeboo is one of the special talents i have seen in my life. When he works , he is real wizard. Check his blog : 'share and let share ' to get glimpse of the beautiful mind at work. I am glad , he was inspired by me to write a blog ( technical ).To take one instance : he tried to write 23 in 23 ways on his 23rd b'day.He did end up writing 23 in 19 ways :p....and stopped saying 'something is wrong with him '....lolz . I am big fan of him and words of appreciation for him come effortlessly in my mind .In front him I always feel like stupid , but i try to speak smart ;) . I have privilege to ask most stupid questions from him. For him nothing in this world is senseless. Even faintest of query from friends makes him real involved , compassion personified at best . Gowd! how well he controls his emotions can scare anyone . I look upto him to act always cool and composed , 24/7. We have had endless tech talks in college , mostly revolving around computers, technology, sharing , science , open-source , sci-fi movies , music , tv-series ,internet etc . He was official 'doctor' of my computer. Even now if any thing goes wrong with my computer , i have to send immediate SOS to him. We have spent so many hours searching for solution to interesting small problems . He never shows-off his knowledge , which i think is both good and bad . I hope in professional career he will show the talent to world . I am anxiously waiting for his success which i am sure will follow him.

I did learn from daeboo many things . Not to forget his sense of humor , he explains all real life situations with special style.
Our education system is so bad , no respect for talents. Daeboo had trying times while clearing stupid college papers which required only 'memory' and no brain. I just hope the industry will be able to use his talent.

Before closing : when most of us will say , " i am lucky to work for particular company" ; in case of daeboo i can happily say , "the company is lucky enough to have him as employee". If i know his bosses , i'll say to them , fire 100 employees , he is equivalent to at-least 100
brains working together. Again all the best...daeboo err MR. D

p.s : my talk with daeboo is always so technical , so i have tried to keep this 'all the best' non technical :p .

Friday, July 3, 2009

A wishful wish

Frodo : " i wish the ring had never come to me . I wish non of this had happened ......." .

Gandalf : " do all who live to see such times , but that is not for them to decide . All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us " .

Source : the lord of the rings.

I was deeply touched by this line from the movie . I am in the state of frodo right now . I wish many things should had occured differently in my life . But gandalf's words are meaningful ; we can only decide about time we have right now .

I wish i had power to change things by going into past a la " the butterfly effect " . I know all paths have their own effects / side-effects . It's always late when past decisions are reviewed . The judges ( people ) are interested only with synopsis and present status of the situation , and decision making is fast in this case . The verdict they make , like always remains , " see , then only i had told this path is wrong " .

List of wishes are long and it is clearly an unsolvable problem if past is embedded in the wish . Being a techie , I must call this NP-complete problem .Right now i am trapped between future and present ; stagnant times i can say this. I just hope things straighten up and i follow my dreams soon .

Before closing another wish

"hey , do you want to see something ?"
Before mariam (15 years )could answer , Niloufar ( 8 years ) had put her palms and forehead to the ground . She pushed with her soles and then she was standing upside down , on her head , in three point stance .
" can you do that?" she said thickly .
" no ."
Niloufar dropped her legs and put her blouse back down . " i could teach you ," she said , pushing hair from her flushed brow .
( source : a thousand splendid suns )

As a kid i loved doing the upside down stance . I know this must be the case with all my friends ( hai na ? ) I want to enjoy that joy again , i know that is not a possibility unless i sit in "the time machine " :)

bye folks