Tuesday, October 27, 2009

one year : me blogging....

One year ago it all started ; yes it was 25th October 2008 , i had created my blog called "just another blog". One year down the line, i can say the experience has been more then "just another experience" .

Delayed congrats( today is 27th October ) to me and my blog , our association now is one year old.It was great learning experience , i moved from "beginner" to "addicted to blogging " to less frequent on blog world ( clearly now i am lees frequent at this place ) . From blogging i did learn many things in last one year , i found a place where i can express-celebrate-socialize-read-learn etc etc.Looking for what changed , now i can combine my thoughts with my words in a better way. I got chance to know many good-better-best persons. Many times i just forgot that this is virtual world , sometimes it occurred to me.......noooo... this is virtual world!!! .

My blog became place to celebrate occasions. Yes, i was addicted to my blog. Reading others and sharing views on their piece of writing is special thing. Writing comment 2-3 times on same blog entry was fun+fun+fun. Following someone and waiting for others to read-comment is equally exciting . In the beginning i used to wait for comment on what i wrote , nevertheless it happened a few times , there was comment on my blog within minutes of posting my blog entry.sometimes my highly "unedited" entries were read......( kajal you reading this? )

Before closing : i would like to dedicate this blog entries to all followers of my blog . they made this learning experience a memorable experience.

p.s: I am busy these days with something called "training" in my company..... can't wait to get my first salary :)

bye folks