Saturday, September 12, 2015

Let the story continue

Counted days for long , finally it came ,
did wait to have moment of pure joy ,
had to hide excitement , to live in the moment ,
when one wants to speak too much ,
One ends up with much less.

 When one wants the moment to stop,
All it does is to pass so fast ,
Not to forget , happy memories created in between,
To remember and smile always.

As the story moves on ,
The journey will require continuous effort,
To say, start itself was courageous ,
Conclusion will be worth the effort ,
I shall wait to see your successful endeavor.

Things will keep changing in path ahead ,
Light will reveal the unexplored path ,
Some obstacles may seem insurmountable ,
It will require motivation and confidence ,
take one day at a time , remember your good points.

 As for me , I shall treasure all moments ,
Will keep finding excuses to remain in contact ,
Motivation series will be elongated for sure,
I just hope time-space won't diminish it in long go.

Remain always just the way you are ,
Keep spreading smiles , as you always do,
Just to repeat , I'm happy to know ,
I came across a wonderful soul like you.
Let the story continue...