Thursday, April 17, 2014

Words that count

Moving sometimes without any direction ,
Pulled back many times by the emotions ,
Felt lonely with people all around ,
Worrying almost always without any reason,
Questions galore , thoughts continue .

Courage to rise again on each failure ,
To say each time i can manage it better ,
Hold tears for happy moments ,
Search for the hug when going gets tough ,

Energy to go that extra mile ,
Empathy to understand hidden stories ,
Resolve to never give up on hope ,
Quest to be better with each mistake.

Strength to accept mistakes ,
Resolve to remain grounded with humbleness inside ,
Joy of getting cared and caring others ,
Love in the moments for being unconditional.

Be proud of future which is possible ,
Build up on small dreams ,
Honesty being all time companion ,
Respect and know your limits.

Unending talks do continue ,
Difficulty when no one is there to listen ,
Being the person what you are ,
Caring yourself without being selfish ,

Give more than what it takes ,
Wait for the chances, Overcome fear with truth ,
Use your best in worst of times ,
As they say , do it with plan B .

Follow the heart when mind gets numb ,
Story will have many chapters to explore ,
Dont' hold on the chapters too close ,
Do let it go when the time demands so.

p.s: One of my favourite lines before closing ; " Greatness is not in never falling , It's about rising everytime you fall".