Saturday, April 25, 2009

sound from memory lanes......

image : thakurganj , bihar , i stayed there for 3 years (1995-1997) .look at encircled "mango tree" (planted by me ) and marked railway track (my long evening walk path )
click on pic to see enlarged version of same.


Morning began with
rooster's strut . Now, me walking on railway track.Oops! , train whistling , asking for way. That crow on the railway signal did sit on "my" mango tree today, breaking two leaves. I did retaliate by pelting stones.

Will remember strange whispers of surroundings , nostalgia they say , i will call this, the sound from memory lanes.

P.S : i did imagine me walking on the railway track "then" .

blog entry has its seeds in

's comment in my last blog entry when she said she is going to sow some seeds. Me thought about mango tree planted by me long ago. Never saw that as grown up-tree. But from google-earth looks quite big now.

Sound of sound : article by P R chari on TOI 23rd april. Author had home near railway track, he felt nostalgic about trains noise. Me also lived so close to railway line (check encircled house in picture ).

Me did many morning and evening walks on the railway track ( used to walk on the track). Dad used to warn me many times and asked me to walk on sideways.But i did hardly give any care to suggestions :)

So beautiful small-small town thakurganj , thanks to dads transferable job , me lived in such beautiful place . So green and a lot of rain there. Just loved watching huge fields of paddy and banana fields visible from backyard from our house.

Thanks to google-earth!!, me got chance to visit memory-lanes without actually visiting there :)

P.S.S : Another 55fiction from me , me loving this . But this time i had problem cutting so may words , compressing took a lot of editing. So many 'redundant' words were deleted.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

O!! mother earth ...we love you

image : mother earth sleeping in isoaltion. Can we ignore her?

Birds were twittering, sun was saying bye . Everything was changing as many thought about a place called 'home'. How stupid we became , forgot you ; when you cared most . Living happily in prison of own creation ,but were we happy?

Time to remember you. Happy earth day!! , to
mother earth. We love you , love you forever!!.

p.s : did read kajal and Ms.R writing such fiction(well written by both ). They called this "55fiction" ( fiction in 55 words ). I don't know how much successful i got with my this attempt, but yes, number of words is 55 for sure Anyway i had to write something for "mother earth" on earth's day. I loved this style :) (today is earth's day...for some of us who are confused )

Monday, April 20, 2009

dance of democracy...election 2009

image : 16th apr 2009 , some village in bihar : i wish day comes when all of us can participate in voting without any help.

So general elections are on in largest democracy in this world , INDIA.I was trying to write something on this , but laziness prevailed.But good thing, me finally writing something on this . Arranging election of this much magnitude is huge thing and an achievement also (yes , fail to control some corruption in this process ).

Like all general elections this one too has already given us some shocks.Many persons have died in election related violence ( sad!! ). people dying for sake of democracy, me felt really bad on listening to news of recent poll-day-violence. My father in on election duty (bihar police )....i keep my fingers crossed on election days. It's only on evening-of-polling day i get info to ease the tension when i call dad to ask for his well being.

Dance of democracy we are seeing again, mud slinging everywhere . Some political enemies , becoming "friends" , some "friends" breaking-up . I am sure they don't have any work ethics. Public is being fooled in whole of this saga. So confusing situation, isn't it? , two political parties , friends in one state can be opponent in other state. Really , ours is country of "wonders".

This time i am missing voice of loud-speakers (college-hostel-stay-and-exam-time). But election-time-effect visible , "student-buses" to ranchi from our college are cancelled , buses have been taken away for election duty.

hey!!! but no effect on cricket lovers , BCCI have shown us , we can ignore , festival-of-democracy to watch business-called-cricket. I am sure many of us must be discussing which-team-will-win-IPL rather then mood-of-voters. I did read many debates on this topic ,they concluded , image of india has been tarnished by hosting IPL in SA . I agree with this thought , what world must be thinking of us?, is cricket so important? is important!!. After all they are playing for money. Democracy is facing challenge from crazy people having money.

This blog entry will remain incomplete without talk of people ignoring democracy.
Well and good for these people , but we love freedom which comes by-virtue-of-being-democracy. we still have wise junta who can select the government. Many of us are illiterate, lacking basic life living facilities. some of us , who have the facilities can ignore democracy saying , system is BAD. But thankfully most of us can-not, we don't have option to say so. Majority of us are informed about this situation.

Before closing one quote from one of the panel discussion i did watch sometime in 2005. One administrator said, "OK!! , our system has some faults , but at the same time we have system which can be repaired. If our car gets some fault , then obviously, it is not good idea to revert back to bullock-cart days. We should do something to repair the car"..

long live democracy....plz every one of us save our democracy ( from corruption )

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Life will continue..........adios college

image : jungle/short-cut in our college , streets we shall never walk again.

This blog entry is too small to capture my college days (about to end in 1 months, 15
th may 2009). This is my attempt to say "good-bye" to my college "BIT, Mesra , Ranchi". Weird means are being used to make it part of ever lasting memories (they can-not be explained here for obvious reasons ). We all know these are the best days of our life , so we don't want to regret , "are!!! nahi kiya.....wo nahi kiya....".

When we came here , most of us had pain in their heart for not clearing
IIT-JEE. Many had cleared , but the AIR (all-India rank )was not good enough to get desired IIT or wished "branch" at IITs. We had many dreams , and next four years were to be experienced here at BIT Campus (very beautiful , with tons-and-tons of trees).

The summary of our life here , can be represented by slightly modified song from the movie " hazaaron khwahisein aisi...."

streets we had never walked,
windows we had never opened,
hands we had never held,
Dreams we shall never see again."

We did walk on many streets of life , never walked ; always studious guys became "
masti" loving groups. Many windows were opened , me turned from "so-formal-guy" into "halla-gulla-guy" (many phases of this transition). Hands never got held though (love-life), at-least for me :P (by the time i thought about this , it was too late to try, some attempts resulted into failures ) .Many got successful and gave their quantum of college-life to someone "special". We have already dreamt many things , completing them will be life long process , these dreams won't be dreamt any longer.

The final tribute goes in the form of following words, thanks to college for....

lives we have lived,
hopes we had never realized ,
fires we have lit ,
loves we shall never never make again."

May all good things remain with all of us for the whole life .We just hope , all "bad" things gained here are no longer part of our life after college (bad habits go ....slow :P )

AdiĆ³s college :(

no-one can-not control the time. Time is dirty , takes away good times from us. again i will use my favourite consolation statement

all good things have to end and become yaadein".Life continues .....even god can-not change past, but future is to be made.

p.s : @
appu , i don't know how much "emosanal-atyachar" has been done in this blog entry , but one thing for sure , college-life "summery" remains same for all "college-goers" at the end of college. So you read this now and "weep-buckets" at the end of college days (not near enjoy for the time being). your bundles of tissue papers are safe for now :D

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Me v/s myself" .....cartoons

image 1: when truce was decided

image2 : when war was on :)

image3 : from here the war was renewed.

# me v/s myself . click on image to see the actual version of the image.

This is "On-demand" post for Ashrita and deeply dip. Thanks for showing interest in my cartoons to both of you. I failed to get them scanned so posting the photographs.

This "me v/s myself" cartoons were on display in "my-room's-wall" last year, (dates are visible).
Then obvious war was going inside me "study/laziness" , so "me v/s myself".
No points for guessing ,that finally the truce was reached (that happens always) , after getting placement . Since then there has hardly been any fight between " Me and myself" ( ignoring some small arguments :D ).

Due to so slow net-speed i am unable to upload all the cartoons here, but some i have uploaded some on flikr.

Plz. check at flikr

These days , i am loving cartoooning, but not so plz ,good-bad both accepted :)

image 4 : Now search is On for "Tum" .Kahan ho tum..kahan ho tum :)

May this search lead to "one" successful result :P