Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BIT Wins Chetan Devraj Cricket tournament......

hi folk,
This blog entry is about BIT winning chetan devraj cricket tournament . while i am writing the blog entry prize distribution ceremony is going on and chief guest is heavy weight of administration and he is becoming heavyweight of cricket management so fast . I am talking about Mr. Amitabh Chaudhry ( IPS) , he is president of jharkhand cricket association as well . During the match one person updated the information about Mr. chaudhry becoming manager of Indian cricket team for tour of sri-lanka .

Coming to the tournament , everyone was saying this time BIT's team is weak one and we have less time this year. I am happy the team proved everyone wrong . Congrats to team BIT , for their hard work , which paid . To be more precise all the matches were cakewalk for team BIT . We won without facing much difficulty . Even less then 100% performance , and presence of non performers did hardly affect the outcome of result . Level of game was good at times , to be honest it was fun for most of us as we were engaged in sledging from boundary line .

My fun factor during finals was was made memorable with me doing commentators job . It was big fun , though this did last only for 30 minutes (in second innings )with professors taking exception about things which we spoke in commentary . The commentary was stopped when Mr. Amitabh Chudhary came ( to keep decency ) .

Before closing , i would like to disclose the score
BIT , MESRA : 145 in 25 overs .
NIFFT ( Ranchi ) . 110 allout in 24.5 overs .
Finally congrats to all the team members for maintaining the tradition of winning this tournament .

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Computer ......2 years old

This blog entry is dedicated to my computer , and i am using my computer to do this blog entry . So as the title suggests , my computer is with me since last two years . To be precise , on 15th Jan , i bought this beautiful invention of mankind from ranchi , Ranjan electronics ( in daily market ) . I am happy last two years have passed successfully without any big problem for my computer ( leaving aside some minor problem with UPS ).

So in two years me and my computer have spent together numerous hours . Only happy moments i can remember . Challenging moments were also there when i tried my luck with linux . Searching for solution of linux related problem , whole new world was waiting for me . I know i have utilized computer to good measure , still there was better scope . I regret , more hours i should had spent with programming . I can's imagine what my life would had been if i was living without computer for last two years .

Before closing , i know this computer is with for next for next 4 months . After that my sister will be owner of this computer . I shall try to make next few months memorable as far as my friendship with My computer is concerned . I wish my computer happy birthday!!! happy birthday to u...and this blog entry is your gift !!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Movies...All the way

watching movies was one of my "things to do in 2009 " . I thank myself for considering this and guess what , i have already watched 11 movies after coming to BIT ( Good from my standards ) . If one asks the name , here they go

1: Slumdog Millionaire
2: Rab ne bana di jodi
3: Schindler's list
4: Dark Knight
5: The sweetest thing
6: P.S.I love you
7: Legally blonde
8: What happens in vegas
9: Apocalypse now
10: City of God
11: Finding Nemo

My comments about 3 of them is ...

City of god :this one is special one ( my favourite in 11 above ) . One of the special movies i have seen in my life . I did understood nuances of excellent direction ,editing , story telling etc . Very correctly this movie is in all time 100 list . I recommend this movie to everyone , watch this movie before you die ( one website E! , ranked this movie 2nd in movies to watch before you die ) . If one can believe , this movie is based on true experiences of a photographer living in slums of rio-de-janerio ( Brazil ) . I would like to mention special information here , most of the actors were real life characters ( amateurs ) . The situation was so dangerous in actual " city of god " , that most of the shooting of the movie was done in different locality .

Slumdog millionaire: everyone has written so many things in praise of the movie , thumbs up from my side as well . But i regret one thing the use of english ( more then 70%) just reduced the magnitude of impact the movie was capable of producing . This is one of the reasons slumdog will be ranked below "salaam bombay " by me . Everyone is saying this movie is academy award material , i accept this feeling . Finally music of the movie was mind blowing , who else can do that , a r rehman .

Schindler's list : This one is epic movie and is about the Nazi's crime against humanity during second world war . They say every thing is fair in war , i am not going to buy this theory anymore . While watching this movie i just wondered , humans can go to such an extent with theory : Our race is better then theirs , shame !! . This movie is ranked 8th in all time 100 movies , worth watching in one's life time . Mostly in black and white , direction prevailed over everyone . Rightly the movie got 8 academy awards .

Sunday, January 4, 2009

LAN/Internet.....Two Years in BIT , MESRA

hi folks,
New year is here and time to continue with life as a blogger .So here i am with my first blog entry this year . Today LAN /Internet facility becomes two years old in BIT, MESRA . Life was never same since start of LAN/Intrenet. Campus lifestyle changed completely . This blog entry tries to specify the changes and know how "DC++" ," nick ", "IP" , "slow net speed " became as important as sleeping and eating.

Steve Jobs once said , "computer is networking ", and now i can say how correct he was . yes , without network computer is nothing . Story started with workers coming to our hostels with instruments to spread lan wires in our hostel ( during september 2006 if i can remember correctly ). In january LAN was working in new year 2007 . A new era had begun silently . Softwares , movies , songs , "above 18 videos" were available with click of mouse . Who can forget " TSR " (DC++ name of our 2k3 senior ) as he was responsible for running " BIT Hub " 24/7 and sharing more than 100 GB data ( huge in those days ) . People started discussing problems on main chat ( main chat was also used for time pass bakwas , we love this even now ) . Boyfriend-girlfriend chat became easier . Lets' not forget " Counter strike ", "DOTA " , Pocket tank , Moto GP , AoE, FIFA , players who made game as their life . Some were able to come out , some are still trying to be better Gamer ( Best of luck to them !! ) . To sum up what i can remember

1. Tanatan , Waves , Duldul , -..GrIm_ReApEr..- , gogeshwar , are immortal names and they were founders of " interesting video " suppliers group (endangered species ) .

2. College events used LAN heavily for promotion purpose (only ) .notably ACM went online and was great experience for everyone .

3. user count was 414 , during india-barmuda match during world cup 2007.

4. AMTAN , showed live cricket matches on LAN , congrats to them .

5. Internet became part of everyones' lifestyle , and many switched to LINUX ( another story ) , and local repository of linux was created ( good work by ntweat (nickname) ) .

6. There are two types of users , one who use torrent or whatever to download and share , others just use those shared data . Hey! but spirit of sharing is not less though ( great ) .

There are many more things to add , may be next year i can remember more things as i won't be using BIT's internet , which i am doing right now . Because we all know ," we miss somethings most if we don't have them ". Long live BIT's LAN /INTERNET .