Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On your special day : few words

And i thought , best moments are in past only
Life surprises , and pure souls enter into the act,
At times it can be sweet and small ;
Force you to imagine things what it can be ,
the act keeps moving , with small and beautiful moments.

Coming to the point , gowd! that godly smile
That innocent act , those stories from memory lanes
Some talks keep us at toes ,those what-happened-next moments
i-went-there-did-that ,i-said-this-and-read-that
Some talks are special in any form

Such souls really exist.....and i know one?
Its scary to imagine,if you face problems
Anyone can pray for such soul
I Wish for you a problem free world
A world Where there is no end of happiness

Sometimes we search for pearls and gems,
At times we find them in small things
I take this opportunity to appreciate this pearl
Oops! i have stopped selecting nicknames for dear one's
I end up calling you god-of-small-things

Happy b'day to dear god-of-small-things :)

p.s : However we try to bind thoughts with words , Sometime or the other we fail. I'm almost sure the soul for whom this has been written won't come to this place to read this.So i'm taking printout of this. Time to press ctrl+p

Friday, March 18, 2011

Appreciate and Celebrate : The Holi

1: Mohit chauhan : " I sing so many beautiful romantic songs,but i don't get time to do romance."

2: Some words written on a oil tanker : " I burn , that's why you move "

This is irony is so prevalent in our surroundings ( Objects/subjects taken together). To begin with i would like mention my dad( works in bihar police) .When everyone prepares for festival day , dad is never sure if will get chance to be with family.why? The answer is obvious , special security arrangement has to be there on festival days so that others can be safe and enjoy without fear.Next example that comes to my mind is workers who build beautiful buildings in which they are never supposed to live.I would like to make special mention of of the contractor who always got contract to build new buildings in our school ( there a new building was always under construction ) . He used to proudly mention " i have made all buildings of your school" ,and we used to get into discussion about other old stories of his, related to our school.Mom always likes others to eat cooking deligts what she is capable of cooking. This holi,i'll miss that "dahi-wada" , "maalpua","dum-aalo" . Moving on to public domain, people do amazing things for others, at times without knowing who are the beneficiaries will be. This should not be misunderstood with charities or people helping each other.

Before closing while celebrating events and occasions we should give some moment to the thought that others are sacrificing so that we can get "THE" moment.Life is better if we acknowledge each others work and appreciate the same with words, if possible. Holi is the festival when we should forgive others who did something wrong to us , and say sorry to others , with whom we were not so nice. I offer unconditional sorry to persons with whom i was not nice knowingly/unknowingly. Life is already cruel, festivals give us time to sit together and enjoy and get motivation to carry on with positives accepting the imperfection we carry all the time. Happy holi.....its time to get colored

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cup that counts

Cricket world cup is on full swing and a blog entry by me had to come on this. Here it goes..

As World cup games are being played and many records are being made in each match.Somehow the excitement is somehow missing in this world cup.May be too much cricket over the years is responsible for this ( thanks to 20-20 ). If i try to find reason at personal level , there are no McGraw, Donald , Warne , Lara , Waugh , Waqar, Akram ,Jayasurya , Ganguly , Bond , Yusuf ,Inzamam , Kumble , Flintoff, Klusener , De Silva , Anwar ,sohail....list is so long for the stars. Even the lesses known stars are being missed i.e Flower Brothers , Tikolos , Olongas and obuyas .Hey! don't we have sachin , murali , Ponting ,Kallis , Shewag , Steyn , sangakara , Gayle , Peterson .....list is small in comparison to earlier list and the impact is missing too. Why Pakistan has to look up to Afridi only signifies the degradation of pakistan cricket. I would had been better if Akhtar was not there in their line up ...his reputation of is being eroded when he is being hit like anything. Brett lee looks shadow of himself , fear of fearsome lee is hardly visible . Australian bowling is still best but they are not far ahead of others . Talking about fielding , Africans are not the fielder they used to be .Everyone is dropping Catches as if they are happy to give more chances to batsman but they won't give 2nd chance to umpires referral system URDs. jonty acts are a wishful thinking these days. Before the game, people are not talking about memorable rivalries .Somehow English team is showing they only care for Ashes and to make things worse better players are getting injured. Sachin continues to be everyone favourite as he was 20 years back ,but rivals have subsided i.e warne/Mcgraw/Akram etc.When the team india playing minnows should had been one sided affairs , sadly things are hard fought wins.Has standard of cricket dropped in few years? The question remains open.Talking about venue of matches played ...and mistreatment to viewers who had to face wrath of stick in quest to get match ticket is hardly acceptable. Eden gardens denied of any important game is another bad thing .Players right of Playing in front of 1 lac people has been denied in the process. Cricket politics winning here and ego clashes of cricket Administrators of this country are more important than the game itself.

Enough of cynics talks , Only way can be forward way. The cup has come to the sub continent and this is best chance for team India to catch the cup at home.Cricket fever slowly is gripping the whole country.Everyone interested in the cricket talks is good thing. Cricket mad country deserves the cup. With time we will know the champions and the stars of tomorrow who will be missed in future world cups...aptly said...the cup that counts.