Friday, November 13, 2009


When things seem out of control,
when mind plays its own role,
i search someone to be on my side,
Always i wish to control myself.

This dream is about knowing myself,
This hope about me and myself,
Why 'myself' has to be 'right'?
why 'me' always has to give a 'fight'?

Questions leading me nowhere,
may be there are just questions,
answers are there but hidden,
may be i don't want to know answers.

I have my own way of acting-reacting,
I know some seem correct some are non-trivial,
many times i have nothing to explain,
i call this "sometimes life-has-to-go-like-this".

May be i expect too much every time,
but there is hope next time,
forgetting can be bad at times,
alas! i hear those whispers every time.

Time has come take new resolution,
Expect nothing to remain in fools paradise,
There are windows showing real-world,
I call this reality-always-bites.

Some stories will always remain incomplete,
Some thoughts will always make me feel light,
I search someone to be on my side,
that someone will hold me tight.

sometimes i feel this way......

p.s : Sometimes i feel this way and that way is right now...feeling lonely