Friday, October 5, 2012

My 100 fav songs@100th Blog entry

After almost four years of meandering the count has reached the numerical figure of 100 . May be the numbers speak more than it deserves but this numerical  count gives chance to take notice of good and bad which did take place. To be specific , this is my 100th blog entry at blogspot.As quite obvious, at  the beginning it was difficult to comprehend the love which i was to generate for Reading/writing in general and blogging in particular. It can be safely  said my best is yet to come , ant it's far away, as i am yet to give  better words to my thoughts, but the journey is very much on...

Question was what should i write for this blog entry and the answer eluded me for quite sometime. During last few months i was updating one file containing my favorite songs list . Some of these songs continue to entertain my eardrums with reasonable frequency. These are some associated memory with each song in the list. This list is very much random, not sure but i may have missed some of my favorite songs. But this list essentially contains the majority of my  favorite songs over the years.Here it goes...

1: Main tenu samjhawan : Rahat Fatah Ali : Listening to Rahat Ali takes you to different world, music is some sort of medicine for sure .

2: Tujhko Jo Paya : From movie crook : Somehow its difficult to ignore songs picturized on Imran Hashmi.They are reasonably good most of the times , this song is certainly in positive list.

3: Tune Jo na kaha wo main sunta raha : New York : Liked it for slowness and consolation one tries to attain.

4: Mere sang to chal jara : New York : Another one from this movie , was in my playlist for good duration.

5: Lila lila lilla  :  Kim Kay : While hopping though some Arabic compositions i did come to know about this . When played at full volume it was a delight.

6: Uthe sab ke kadam : Baaton baaton me : I can not resist humming this song.

7: Jonny we hardly knew : I had read many articles on Irish wars , this song said many things about the same.

8: Piya na man basiya : Tanu weds manu : This movie had surprisingly all good songs . They became my favorites in no time.

9: I see you everywhere : Beautiful composition

10 : Main to tere pyar me diwana ho gaya : Dilruba : A gem from Kailash kher , he used his distinctive voice beautifully in this song.

11: Jugni : tanu weds manu : Liked it for the energy and Mika factor.

12: Badri badaria : coke studio : Flow of the songs makes you sing it while listening it.

13: Madari : coke studio : No wonder singing has been termed as art. Traditional music can be fused with other forms quite easily and with good effect.

14: Chadd de murakh : coke studio : Liked it for philosophical content.

15  tonight i'm loving you : Enrique : A must have when you want to dance

16: Baby i like it : Enrique at best in this song

17. LMFAO : I'm sexy and i know it :  This song became a rage not for no reason

18  Dungar dukh na de  : A love song , folk music , Artistic singing , loved it!

19: Baatein kuch ankahin si : One wonders how the music world might had been without glorification to love.

20: Counting crows : Accidently in love : Came to know about this while watching Shrek . World seems better place with love around.

21: Unforgiven 2 : Metallica : I was curious to know why people are so crazy about Metallica , i got answer with this song .

22: Fuel : Metallica : This happens when you sing a song with Mt. Everest like energy.

23: Sabka katega :  Bodhi tree : Though other song from same band is more celebrated , this one is quite a beauty as well.

24: LMFAO : Party : Aptly named " Party anthem "

25: Aarambh hai prachand : Gulaal : A song full of vigor and strength. We were introduced to class of Piyush Mishra through this song.

26: No woman no cry : Bob Marley : One of better songs from Bob . Liked other variants of this song. Same lyrics can be given a totally different and equally
good music.

27: All good things come to an end : Nelly furtado : This was in playlist of blogger friends. It's like knowing secret from girl's world , girls are more 
crazy about love than boys can imagine.

28: Choti si Asha : From movie Roja : Mr. Rahman overwhelmed quite a few with this melody . I was one of them , used to wait for 15th August when "Roja" 
came on doordarshan.Innocence of this song has only few competitors in its genre.

29: Neele neele Ambar pe : Kishore da : You certainly want to learn to play Guitar after listening to this song , Kishor Da is at usual best in this song.

30: PSY Gangnam style : A Korean song will take the world by storm, a hard to believe reality. This will certainly become a case study for the Viral Marketing Moguls.

31: Hey jude : Beatles : When i started listening to English songs Beatles was obviously first in the list.Listening to their albums i can say  this song stands apart. It seemed me all great things have already happened before i came to this world.

32: Ruby Tuesday : Rolling Stones : This song was referred in the novel "God of small things". I got introduced to world of "Stones" from this. Very 
emotional song , one can feel the pain even if one is not in love.

33: Summer of 69 : Ricky Martin : Being Nostalgic can get this cool . Just play this song when when you want to feel the power of Nostalgia.

34: Guanthanmero : Richard stallmann : Those were the days when i did come to know about "Open Source". It was curiously strange to know that Mr Stallmann 
has such distinctive taste for music. Beautiful song even if you don't get the Spanish words in it.

35: Ek fariyad dil me : Tum bin :  My room mate had audio cassette of this. Rest is history :)

36: Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai : From the times when i actually believed that there exists a world of Jungle book. It is a master piece from
Guljar Sahab. unforgettable!

37: Nani teri morni ko : This song beautifully represented the family bonding which one developed as child . No wonder every child ,it seemed , was crazy about this song.

38: Lakdi ki kathi : This song was sang by a group of seniors as part of weekly school program. It was new experience , people could remember whole song and sing with such alacrity . Everyone became a fan of this song and it became a regular occurrence in weekly cultural meet of the school.

39: China company : Nepali song :  Only one word to describe it , sweet.

40: hat ja Tau : Haryanvi :  Haryanvi is cool 24/7 , When you want to dance weird , this is the song .

41: Bade Miyan diwane : Rafi Sahab showing strength of his might.legendary song from great singer.

42: Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si : How many times we did come across a situational song and say 'wow'? Not many

43: Hangama kyu hai barpa : Ghulam Ali : Ideally a song for the drunkards who are not able to sleep. But this song has equally good effect when you are unable to sleep at 1 am in the morning. My exam time favorite , you can study with this song.

44: Madhusala : Whole poem in song : Certainly a must have when you don't want to use your eyes to read this poem.

45: Naina milaike : Kawali : No Kawali session is complete without this , more you listen to this more you love the power of kawali.

46: Hips don't lie : If the song has nothing special about it , the video is special for sure , You wonder who can dance like that...Shakira Shakira!!

47: Dilruba : Kailash Kher : Another must have song from Kailash Kher.

48: Comfortably numb : Pink Floyd : Song to fall to in frustrated moments  when it seems you can't take anymore , you are useless and the path is blocked completely. After the song you are re-energized without any external inputs.

49: Yellow submarine : Beatles : The group song effect of this makes it special .

50: Jaane Kya Chaahe Maan Baawra : Pyar ke side effects : This song is 'hat ke' and distinctive for the lyrics used .

51: Baatein Kuch Ankahein Si : Life in a..Metro : I tried to remember lyrics for this song , partially successful.

52: Aashayen : From movie Iqbal : A song for the moment when you want to set up high standards for yourself . Its a reminder to achieve the bigger things in 

53: Subha Ho Gayee Mamu : Munnabhai MBBS : A song for every morning when you have so many things to do , happening!!....Subah ho gayi Mamu!

54: Jaane kyu log pyar : Dil Chahta hai : A beautiful composition supplemented by nice music . The conclusion remains , no one knows why people fall in love.

55: Tu Aashiqui Hai : Jhankar beats : Glorification of love , accepted for now :)

56: Hothon se chu lo tum : Immortal singing by Jagjit singh in this.

57: kitni muddat baad mile ho : Ghulam Ali : World of Ghulam ALi is wonderful and this song is a rare gem.

58: Chalat musafir moh liyo re : Reminds of the village life where people celebrate life while singing. Hats off to the greats who could being to screen such
unadulterated celebration of life.

59: ye jeewan hai : Listen to this when you feel down , low and going gets tough. Music can catch up very diverse moments .

60: kun fayakun : Rockstar : World of sufism when music takes one to higher level . Intoxicating!. You don't have to a believer to enjoy the power of sufi 

61: Aawarapan Banjarapan : Jism :  Became fan of this song when first time i did listen to this.

62: Chot dil pe lagi : This has been a regular in my playlist .

63: Jaadu hai nasha hai : Jism : Another good one form the same movie

64: Abhi Kuch dino se : Dil to baccha hai ji : Light and good. You end up singing this every time you listen to this

65: Lagan lagi tum se man ki lagan : If you are  a fan of Rahat ali you will get variety for sure , this is distinct in style and effect is same i.e lovable

66: Soch raha hu kis se puchu os ladki ka naam : From grand old days of kumar Sanu . One can easily like it for the flow of the song.

67: Dayal baba kola khaba : Bengali song : Due to richness of our culture we can love the songs of different languages. Catch up the video for stylish , weird and beautiful dance.

68: Tere Ishq Ki Inteha Chahta Hoon : Rahat fatah ali Kawali : This song will tell how kawali becomes part of tradition. You listen to same thing from 
different people and appreciate them equally.

69: Rules.. Choro na mujhe : For the moments whan you search for someone special.

68: Wahan kaun hai tera : R D burman : Has philosophical content . The message is clear , when you walk , slow down and enjoy the surrounding because When you move fast, things become hazy.

69: Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya : Relaxing!!

70: Baanwara man dekhne chala ek sapna : From Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi : This song is as good as this movie , used to play it incessantly.

71: Dil Ka Bhanwar Kare Pukar : When they say old is gold they mean it.

72: Dooba dooba rahta hun : Listen to this and you will know Mohit chauhan was as good as he is now.

73: Allah ke bande : May be this will remain best song of Kailash Kher even if he will become a better singer.

74: ye hawa kahti hai kya : Easy to sing this song when you are alone .For the moments when you become your entertainer , best way to keep yourself entertained when nothing else is available.

75: Sar jo tera chakrae ya dil dooba jae : Memorable for duo of Rafi-Jonny walker ( Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi )

76: Jaane kahan mera jigar gaya ji : Innocence!!. See the video to relish one of better songs of our film industry.

77: Hai Apna dil to awara : This was quite a regular in Sunday Morning "Rangoli" on Doordarshan. Later on i realized this song had made into my favorite 

78: O sanam muhabbat ki kasam : This song of Lucky ali with Arabic locales in video was special. One wondered , do Beautiful girl wander in desert without any reason?

79: Mere sajan Hain os par : Certainly a classic! . Its good to choose from such great collection of old songs we have in our film industry.

80: Meri duniyan hai maa teri aanchal me : A tribute to all mothers ; Among all species.

81: Mera naam karega rausan jag me : I still remember when dad was very particular about showing this song to me. I was sleeping that Sunday morning , he 
woke me up to show this song on "rangoli". Quite a few memorable moments associated with this innocuous program of doordarshan.

82: Baby i was born this way :  Lady gaga : You can love/Hate lady gaga. If you want to love her, this song will certainly help.

83: love you the way you lie it : Rihanna & Eminem : Rihanna is a phenomenon of our times . This song is another example of the fact that girls are crazy 
about love , sometimes more than boys. Eminem will make you think why rapping is such a cool thing.

84: Don't stop the party : Black Eyed Peas : There are many songs which will make you dance , this is certainly among top of them.

85: when i need you : Leo Sayer , Celine Dion : romantic song , Just play it and carry on with your work, soothing!

86: My heart will go on : Celine Dion : World is certainly small place, you can listen to someone from Canada love it like everyone.

87: Downtown : Petula clark : Loved the hope signified in this song.

88: Gali Gali Sim Sim : Title track of Our Own Sesame Street : The child in us never subsides ; Everytime i listen to this title track of the show i feel 
like 10 year old boy who loved to eat milk powder.

89: Mamma Mia : ABBA : Beautiful song and good to have in my collection. From this i got slight idea how saying "Mamma Mia" became a common thing.

90: Bego to oont Gado : Rajasthani Song : One of first songs that i did come across on You tube making my diverse collection richer. 

91: Lamha Lamha : Gangster : Another song which one can easily remember and sing as per requirement.

92: Ye ladki zar si diwani lagti hai : Love story : Special for the happiness that comes out after listening this.

93: Yu hi chala chal rahi : Swades : Its effect is best when one is traveling. A song to be played in full volume.

94: Ye duniyan agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai : Pyassa : A song which which truly represented the frustration like never before and never after. Then our 
movie industry had high standards. When we can get next such intense song?...lets wait.

95: Do Dil Mil Rahe Hain : Pardes : Truly romantic track , one word for it "soothing".

96: Rula ke gaya sapna : Don't know when this song became regular in my playlist , a spontaneous entry.

97: Bulla Ki jana main kaun : Rabbi : I thought i will miss one Punjabi song in the list. Punjabi has rich tradition and culture. An area to be explored 
more. For the moment his song is favorite for the music and style of singing associated with it.

98: Es diwane ladke ko koi samjhaye : This was my favorite in those days and used to wait for this song to play on Vividhh Bharti ( radio )

99: Jadu Hai Tera Hi Jadu : Movie Gulam : Nice song from not so nice movie . Those were the times when Rani Muknerjee was adorable. long time!

100: Ye tumhari meri baatein : Rock on : Slow songs slowly earn a niche for themselves. This song stands apart in the album.

Before closing , I am thankful to my friends who did patiently read my blog entries and gave feedback. Looking forward to new friends and would like to know more human souls.