Monday, June 20, 2011

Stay connected : delayed call

Other day i got "reason" to call one friend . It was his birthday .I looked back and wondered , last time i had talked to aytas( his nickname ) was last year on same day . How i missed other "reasons" to call him? The answer is unknown ......days just fly past us and we are mere spectators . Many times, 'reasons' also go unnoticed i.e holi, diwali , new year to name a few. Another questions comes to the fore . Why we need reasons to do as innocuous thing as asking how-you-are-doing? Other day another friend of mine called me .....this time without reasons.Its so nice feeling when you know people not around you,physically,actually do care for you and they are just a call away . They are ready with their suggestions ,information , help in any form . You may be helping one friend sitting far away with resizing his passport size photograph for submitting his job form. At other time you may say your friend in other city,"I'm coming to your place to stay for one night as i have exam next day. Other friends call and say , " Hey man! , plan a visit to this part of the world". India , if not world, has become our playground , a la that vodafone jingle. I remember days when i was not allowed to go away from mom's sight for evening game session . All my friends used to visit space in front of my house for games session in evenings . Whenever they tried to persuade my dear mom to allow me to go to main ground, that was denied with professional precision , which is possessed by all moms i think.

Coming back to what goes on during those delayed calls.The typical long lost talks start with , what else? What are you doing these days? Did you hear about so and so ? he got into IIM ...that guy went to US ....that guy got so and so package in that job. The talks moves to more elaborate area , the days when "particular" type of movie was watched for the first time and that too in group. The not-so-serious talks get intermingled with serious ones when future concerns are discussed. Some personal problems are shared . The talk turns lighter, kya ree! koi nayi ladki mili? no man! tumko lagta hai aisa ho sakta hai and we thank indian society for having concept of arranged marriage otherwise guys like us might never find a life partner. This talks is elaborated with , what happened to the gal you used to talk in hours officially recognised by owls , watchmen , lovers etc? And the typical reply ..aisa kuch nahi tha? The topic changes inadvertently when talk about genius guys,who are too good to act simple even in simplest scenario. Questions like , " which lap-top should be bought? answered as MACPro le lo " and the desire to buy new laptop dies automatically . Why all good things are so costly?

There are friends who have more faith in your talent than on their own? They will keep on motivating you when it may seem things are not so nice. This scenario becomes tricky , a failure will mean letting that person down. Not long ago we were growing together everyone it seems has chosen own path . People around me these days have different dreams , days are gone when everyone around me had same dream , same passion . We understood each others words just because the words were not heard , but evolved, as we fondly said in those days. Before closing few lines from jug suraiya : TOI-18th June

" when will at last i'll finish college? get a job , find someone i might want to spend the rest of my life with....will it ever happen? ..... With future already becoming past as we look at it ...for us who are no longer young time seems to accelerate at scary speed."