Thursday, September 15, 2011

PMkJH Moments!

" Poochne me kya jata hai " : Loosely translated -> We lose nothing by asking. This has been latest TATA Sky ad campaign and this has immediately caught attention of everyone. This article is dedicated to all Poochne-me-kya-Jata-Hai moments i.e PMKJH Moments. The idea is simple, if we don't ask on time we lose precious chance of getting what we want.

As i look back to trace my first PMKJH moment , it was mom asking me to bring flowers from neighbor's backyard after getting permission for the same. I recollect vaguely, i had suggested, " she won't allow ". Mom had replied , " poochne me kya jata hai , try to karo " . To my surprise ,that lady had allowed me to pluck flowers without making any fuss of that. Another moment , then i could not belive , people can allow strangers to sit in their car , we call that 'took lift' moment. I said to dad that car won't stop , why he'll allow us in his car for no reason? Dad had said with a smile , " Poochne me kya jata hai ?" The car had stopped and that was successful PMKJH moment.

As we grow , PMKJH moments reach curious proportions. Its tricky, when Guys try this with many girls , Some are masters and easily ask for evening coffee and many fail to ask even for class notes from girls. First year of college had many PMKJH moments with so many people. Not to forget regular usage of vocal chords to say "Poochne-me-klya-jata-hai" to negate the disappointment. Looking for PMKJH moment in other spheres of life , one popular place is restaurant , we always ask for extra onion , lemon and that green chilly. Most of the times our query is processed with smile and sometimes the result is void . When its void , we smile and say , " Poochne me kya jata hai ? "

Referring to various job applications we send for dream jobs , and we get no response, we console ourselves and accept PMKJH moment.PMKJH moment may not always be successful, But the joy of asking and the satisfaction of the fact that " I tried", will negate the disappointment of failure. Before closing , anyway you have THE "NO" if you don't ask , So go ahead and ask, because PKMJH moments are precious .

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Ladakh trip

We know some days will be memorable ,
We yearn to enjoy that by planning,
Actual form is unknown till the end,
Finally, we did start the journey.

Those jokes and familiar mimicry ,
We decided , Do it this way , don't eat that way,
Man! don't conspire and switch on the light ,
I have to finish that innocuous article.

Why he did not join , will that buddy will come later on?
The journey is long and some days are gone,
We reached Delhi , managed the first halt,
Did board the bus which took us to manali.

Picked up few mineral water bottles,
Did appreciate rivers and apples,
After breakfast, we set off to leh ,
Man wait!, we have to complete the para-gliding in solang valley,
ok, no problem, lets divert to that location ,
Get that camera ready , for which you were charging the battery ,
Click few snaps in the rope way .

We had to cross rohtang Pass to see mountains in the sky,
Don't know why people can't resist hi-tea,
Sun has set , it's time to sleep,
lets arrange the dinner and exchange bed time stories.

Its morning , wake up friends!
I need that liquid soap you have kept,
Lets go to river side and check temperature,
Is that a crow watching the snow?

Saying Hi to passersby , appreciating the hard work they do every day,
Now i know BRO works for better future ,
Mountains got bigger , roads became narrower,
Our driver said , see this 22 cuts,
Road with 22 bends , bottom to top.

We searched, where is the end ?
we read, this is second highest motorable road,
As we moved , waited a Long stretch of flat road,
At this height? its impossible!

Night fell , leh welcomed us ,
We wondered , such location exists in india ,
Surrounded by snow clad mountains ,
Foreigners available in quite a number.

Lets sleep and make tomorrow's plan ,
Someone said river rafting , enjoy next evening ,
Other interjected, shopping is a must ,
Indus is so friendly , water flowed so steadily.

By now ,all knew what exhaustion means ,
bhai log ...lets eat and sleep ,
Pangong Lake is too far away , lets postpone it to next day,
The day was hectic , How can the lake's water be so blue?,
Please Explain the optics , click on the pics.

The Journey reversed , guess what? we are tourists,
People talked of important things ,
What makes us better , what makes us wrong,
At 4 am , all ran for cover, Sleep was too tough to overcome.

Time moved , we did retreat to normalcy ,
Back to work , quest to catch the dreams,
Here faces are strange ,
Everyone is busy with something insane,

Concluding is not easy work,
We eat words and mold situations,
Some you can express , most can only be felt,
In the end memories do stay, the best days become history.

P.S : The first question struck in the midst of our leh trip was...Do we have to go through so much effort to feel the magic?Time to get slightly philosophical, all things, if possible, should be earned with hard work to appreciate the feeling of triumph