Monday, January 4, 2016

Life you go on

With twists and turns you were uncertain ,
times when I was tentative , times when I was wrong ,
Errors-corrections-more errors , Sure you got complex ,
Complex for slowly changing goals and evolving priorities.

perceptions prejudices had to be amended ,
Felt burdened overdoing things ,
On occasions not giving full dedication ,
Of being in love and care , overshadowed by moments of loneliness ,
Introspection , smiles , understanding the thin lines ,
You had multiple colors , I kept changing with you.

Quest for wider perspective ,
Search for future with reason to value ,
Remain on positive side when in trouble ,
Know that past should not be burden ,
Future should hold reason for hope .

Realize performance as per potential ,
Think , decide and act but do not stop ,
For you continuity is only constant ,
Overcome helplessness with knowledge about truth.

You will become formidable soon ,
As i will try to hold on forte and improve,
Retrospect view indicates what is yet to come ,
Time to renew eagerness to rise ,
Time to add wonderful chapters to life.

p.s : On new year eve time to wish Happy new year to all friends .
Let's renew resolve to leave bad habits and continue with good work towards better future.

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